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Ladybug Fancy Party Supplies

Ladybug Fancy Party Supplies

Provide Wholesale Ladybug Tableware For The Perfect Party!

A trendy black, white and red color scheme, popular pattern accents and sweet little love bugs are sure to liven up any event! Our disposable lady bug party supplies are great for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and springtime affairs like Easter or Mother's Day. With offerings including round and shaped paper plates, multiple design napkins in various sizes and accessories such as party hats, loot bags and blowouts you are sure to find everything you need to complete the look at your next event.

Ladybug Fancy Dessert Plates 96 ct

Ladybug Fancy Banquet Plates 96 ct

Ladybug Fancy Shaped Plates 96 ct

Ladybug Fancy Beverage Napkins 192 ct

Ladybug Fancy Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins 192 ct

Ladybug Fancy 1st Birthday Luncheon Napkins 192 ct

Ladybug Fancy Luncheon Napkins 192 ct

Ladybug Fancy 9 oz Cups 96 ct

Ladybug Fancy 16 oz Keepsake Cups 12 ct

Classic Red and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Black and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Classic Red Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Black Velvet Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Ladybug Fancy Tablecloths 6 ct

Ladybug Fancy Centerpieces 6 ct

Ladybug Fancy High Chair Decorating Kits 6 ct

Classic Red Swirls Confetti 12 ct

Black Velvet Swirl Confetti 12 ct

Ladybug Fancy Banners 6 ct

Ladybug Fancy Giant Banners 6 ct

Ladybug Fancy Hanging Cutouts 18 ct

Classic Red Dizzy Danglers 60 ct

Black Dizzy Danglers 60 ct

Red Solid & Polka Dots Tissue Fans 18 ct

Black Solid & Polka Dots Tissue Fans 18 ct

Classic Red Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Classic Red Streamers 500' 12 ct

Black Velvet Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Ladybug Fancy Mylar Balloons 12 ct

Red Latex Balloons 180 ct

Black Latex Balloons 180 ct

Ladybug Fancy #1 Candles 6 ct

Classic Red Polka Dot Candles 72 ct

Black Polka Dot Candles 72 ct

1 Silver Number Balloon Cake Toppers 12 ct

Ladybug Fancy Child Hats 48 ct

Ladybug Fancy Blowouts 48 ct

Ladybug Fancy Cello Bags 144 ct

Ladybug Fancy Invitations 48 ct

Red Chevron Ice Cream Treat Cups 72 ct

Black Chevron Ice Cream Treat Cups 72 ct

Classic Red Party Supplies

Black Velvet Party Supplies

Our Disposable Ladybug Party Supplies Are Ideal For Businesses And Retailers

Expand your business's offerings to include some of our wholesale lady bug tableware to gain that edge over competitors! Whether you have a catering company, event venue or specialize in party planning there are plenty of reasons to choose from our collection of bulk ladybug party supplies.

Each item is sold in large quantity cases with inner retail ready packaging for resale or easy storage for reoccurring events. The high quality disposable lady bug tableware is offered to you at an affordable rate, ensuring you can provide patrons with the best party experience without breaking the budget. Save on cleanup costs by simply tossing the paper products at the end of the event and strip the plastic covers off, leaving tables clean and stain free.

Set the Scene With Bulk Lady Bug Tableware!

Who doesn't love these little love bugs, especially when paired with a trendy color scheme and contemporary patterns! The versatile pattern featured in the wholesale ladybug party supplies is great for little girls' birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and even springtime events like Mother's Day and Easter. Adding some of our coordinating solid colored offerings will help to stretch the life of your disposable lady bug tableware supply. Here are a few ideas for keeping your table settings looking professional, which will keep your customers coming back for all of their celebrations!
  • Napkin wrapped cutlery sets are a fun and easy way to instantly elevate the look of your bulk ladybug party supplies! Simply start with a solid colored cutlery set--black, red and white are all great options to coordinate with the theme--but if you are looking to stock an abundance of disposable utensils clear is the best option. Clear cutlery will coordinate with any of your party themes and cut down on storage space rather than trying to stock some of each color, it can also look a little classier than white. Use some solid red lunch napkins, which coordinate with these wholesale lady bug party supplies, as the main wrap. Then accent it with a themed beverage napkin. The smaller black and white polka dot design will look great wrapped around the utensils and the red lunch napkin will make the little bugs on the printed one pop! This is great for quickly creating place settings or when food will be served buffet style so patrons can easily grab a roll while moving through the line.
  • If you are looking to create a more formal look for a celebration such as a shower or Mother's Day meal but are serving your menu buffet style you may run into an issue when it comes to table settings. To avoid a barren and empty looking table get creative with these disposable ladybug tableware options! For an instant pop of color and pattern you can use the themed banquet plates to serve as chargers at each place setting. Complete the look with a napkin roll or fun folded napkin in the center of the plate and accent with your drink ware. This will instantly give the effect of a more formal tablescape and you can supply solid red or black dinner size plates to coordinate with the bulk lady bug party supplies at the buffet. They will easily sit on top of the "chargers" when guests return to their seats.
  • If you are planning on creating a complete place setting with the wholesale ladybug tableware, continue to mix in solids to cut down on over stimulating guests with all of the pattern. You can also mix shapes by using a solid red square dinner plate on the bottom with a themed dessert plate on top. Try unfolding a black dinner napkin and refolding it into thirds lengthwise to place between the two plates for a unique presentation that really showcases the disposable lady bug party supplies!
  • For more casual events such as kids' birthday parties, try incorporating favor items into each seat to double as a place card and ensure each guest is accounted for and receives a gift. The bulk ladybug tableware collection also includes cello treat bags and blowouts that work great for this purpose! Pick up a white paint pen or chalk pen and simply use a creative font to handwrite each name on the black part of the insect's body or you could create a separate tag for the treat bags and include it on the tie when you close the sack. Set each favor out to coordinate with the wholesale lady bug party supplies.
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