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Wholesale 12 oz. Plastic Cups

12 Ounce Plastic Cups

Serve Refreshing, Ice-Cold Beverages in Durable 12-Ounce Plastic Cups

Our 12 oz. plastic cups are ideal for serving cold beverages to your patrons and guests. These plastic cups are made from premium plastic, which means they're sturdy and won't crack or break on your guests. Our 12 oz. plastic cups are available in 31 colors (plus clear), so we're confident you'll find a cup to match your space or event palette. These cups are ideal for any restaurant, cafe, hotel, catering operation, or large event.

Cold Drinks Taste Delicious Served in Wholesale 12 oz Plastic Cups

For any occasion where you need to pour cold drinks, our wholesale 12 oz Plastic Cup is ideal because of its size, choice of coordinating colors, and the construction that is easy to grasp. Every disposable cup features durable plastic, a rolled top rim, a tapered shape, and ridges on the sides for easier grasping. Our Touch of Color collection offers 31 different shades, plus a clear cup, so you can easily coordinate with your venue or color palette to add eye-pleasing details to the gathering. The bulk plastic drink cups are perfect for any cafe, casual restaurant, catering group, theme park, sports concessions, fast food service, or hotel continental dining. We are confident you'll have fun choosing and using these versatile wholesale containers for your event or venue.

Our Selection of Bulk 12 oz Plastic Cups Have Wonderful Qualities!

We are delighted to offer customers and businesses a collection of wholesale 12 oz Plastic Cups that have many positive attributes and characteristics. We are sure you'll want to keep plenty of these stylish disposable items on your shelves for all the varied occasions where they would be useful. Let us impress you with some wonderful reasons to use these great cups!
  • All wholesale 12 oz Plastic Cups are disposable for easy clean-up
  • Ridged sides and tapered shape make cups easier to hold
  • Touch of Color items feature excellent color consistency among tableware products in ensembles
  • All cups are #6 recyclable, some through curbside programs, some at municipal facilities
  • Case quantities and inner packaging make stocking and distribution easy
  • Bulk competitive pricing
  • Extensive color selection for any occasion
  • Cost-effective, budget friendly, and still attractive
  • One stop shopping and great customer service

Tips For Using The Colorful Wholesale 12 oz Plastic Cups

  • Our specialty line of disposable 12 oz Plastic Cups is recommended for cold beverages only. For luau themed receptions, fill the durable container with a delicious tropical drink complete with ice and a long umbrella cocktail pick strung with pineapple chunks and a strawberry! Or, for a sports celebration for adults, fill with a favorite cold brew. At restaurants where customers are offered free refills, the sturdy cups will hold together and won't tear or crush with each serving. For conventions or trade shows the disposable 12 oz Plastic Cup is easy to carry around while visiting displays. The larger size is also great for tasting of microbrew beers. This eye-catching drinkware is a perfect solution for large catered family reunions because the plastic cups can hold cold drinks for every age! Simply wash and re-use, throw away or recycle for easy clean-up.
  • For versatility, these wonderful containers can hold more than just a cold beverage. Try ice cream sundaes at a large summer gathering or theme park concessions. Place scoops of ice cream in the cups then cover with favorite toppings. Add a long spoon and sundaes can easily be carried around or held while you wait in line for a ride. Fill with a serving of a favorite snack or popcorn and carry around while viewing exhibits at an outdoor music or arts festival. So many different uses!
  • The bulk 12 oz Plastic Cups can easily be repurposed or used for something other than food. At a large catered beach wedding reception, let the young children use the containers for games and building in the sand. The larger disposable cups are great for holding favors for employees attending a corporate function—fill with pens, keepsakes, sticky pads, coupons, etc. Fill with small toys or souvenirs for children as they leave a theme or animal park. For a pet store place dog treats in the decorative cup, wrap in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and sell as a holiday gift for pets. Use your imagination for tons of fun ideas related to your business!
  • When decorating for any sit down event or meal, the bulk 12 oz Plastic Cups make super containers for plastic cutlery, napkins, straws or chopsticks. Match the color to your event and place cutlery and napkin bundles inside for guests to use. Place the containers at the front of a buffet or on each table where guests can reach them. This arrangement is perfect for tables where guest eat and then move on—company picnics, outdoor tables at a ski area, sports arena concessions. Appreciate the convenience of these great containers that are easy to use and easier to dispose of!
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