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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Purple tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Purple Party Supplies

Create an Upbeat Scene with Bulk Purple Party Supplies

Wholesale pricing, bulk quantities and retail ready packaging make tableware supplies from our Purple collection a budget savvy option for event planners, caterers, and everyday hostesses. Tableware options include plates, cups, napkins and tablecovers in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the particular needs for any number of events.

Baby showers, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, corporate events, and trade shows will be accented with a touch of royal color using these exceptional purple tableware options. For ease of use, supplies featured are disposable and can simply be thrown away or recycled at the end of the event. Color matched for consistency, our Purple products will allow for a uniform and polished appearance.

Value Friendly Purple Beverage Napkins 240 ct

Purple Beverage Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Purple 2 ply Beverage Napkins 600 ct

Purple Beverage Napkins 2 ply 1200 ct

Value Friendly Purple Luncheon Napkins 240 ct

Purple Luncheon Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Purple 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 600 ct

Purple Dinner Napkins 3 Ply 250 ct

Purple 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Purple 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Purple Hoffmaster Dinner Napkins 1,000 ct

Purple 3 Ply Guest Towels 192 ct

Value Friendly Purple Dessert Plates 96 ct

Purple Plastic Dessert Plates 240 ct

Purple Dessert Plates 240 ct

Value Friendly Purple Dinner Plates 96 ct

Purple SturdyStyle Dinner Plates 240 ct

Purple Plastic Banquet Plates 240 ct

Purple SturdyStyle Banquet Plates 240 ct

Purple SturdyStyle Oval Platters 96 ct

Purple Paper Bowls 200 ct

Purple 12 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Purple 16 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Value Friendly Purple 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 96 ct

Purple 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 240 ct

Purple Plastic Forks 288 ct

Purple Bulk Plastic Forks 600 ct

Purple Plastic Knives 288 ct

Purple Bulk Plastic Knives 600 ct

Purple Plastic Spoons 288 ct

Purple Bulk Plastic Spoons 600 ct

Value Friendly Purple Assorted Plastic Cutlery 216 ct

Purple Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Purple Paper Placemats 600 ct

Purple Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Purple Paper Tablecloths 6 ct

Purple Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Value Friendly Purple Plastic Tablecloth 12 ct

Purple Octy-Round Paper Tablecloths 12 ct

Purple Octy-Round Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Purple Banquet Table Roll 1 ct

Purple Plastic Tableskirt 6 ct

Purple Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Liven up any Event with Disposable Bulk Purple Tableware and Supplies

Add a bold touch of color to any event with competitively priced wholesale tableware selections from our Purple collection. Functional and inexpensive yet eye catching and fun, bulk Purple supplies are ideal for use at larger celebrations such as baby showers, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, and backyard barbeques. They also work well to enhance professional events including trade shows and conventions. The bold Purple might be just the thing to coordinate with a business logo, sports team, or school colors.

Bulk Purple Party Supplies are Great Business

The wholesale Purple supplies come in bulk quantities to accommodate a large guest list or to allow simple ordering and efficient stacking of store shelves. Products are available in case lots with competitive wholesale pricing but also arrive in retail ready packaging perfect for resale. Whether your business includes resale, event planning, or catering, the abundant selection and high quality are a perfect fit.

Why Choose Disposable Solid Color Tableware?

  • Purple tableware and supplies at wholesale prices are a cost effective alternative to rentals. The heavy duty disposable paper and plastic products can simply be recycled or thrown away at the end of event. Virtually maintenance free, there is no cleaning costs or worry over loss or damage.
  • The bulk quantities and retail ready packaging make Purple supplies easy to transport, set-up, and dispose of. The bold purple color enhances any event be it business or casual.
  • Eco-friendly, solid color paper and plastic tableware is recyclable. Plastics are marked recyclable #6.

Abundant Purple Product Choices in Bulk Quantities

No matter the venue or the menu being served, event professionals are sure to find just what is needed for the celebration at hand. The vibrant Purple products provide superior color match to ensure consistency among the different tableware options.
  • Plates: Several purple plate offerings will meet the needs of any menu. Round lunch, dinner, and banquet size plates in either paper or plastic are ideal for appetizers, snacks, standard buffet fare, and delicious desserts. Contemporary square shaped paper plates are also available in the lunch and dinner sizes. The popular square plates provide a modern feel atop a table setting or as part of a trendy buffet display.
  • Cups: Our variety of purple cup options work well no matter the beverage choice. Plastic 12 and 16 oz options are slightly larger than the standard paper cup and work well for sodas, juices, party punches and festive cocktails. The Bulk Purple 9 oz Hot or Cold cup is an economical choice for frosty drinks or steaming hot coffee.
  • Napkins: Choose from our selection of Purple beverage, lunch, and dinner napkins all constructed of premium 2-ply paper. Napkins feature an embossed pattern on two sides for added detail. The unique 3-ply guest size napkin is great for use at a table setting or atop a buffet but is also large and soft enough to be used as a hand towel in the guest washroom.
  • Cutlery: The durable plastic cutlery will hold up to just about any meal and looks great as part of a table setting or perhaps bundled into napkins for easy grab and go atop the buffet. Options include assorted packs at wholesale prices as well as individual bulk packages of forks, knives, and spoons allowing the event planner or hostess to purchase just what is needed for their particular occasion.
  • Tablecovers: Selections for table coverings provide options for casual entertaining or professional use. Round and rectangular tablecovers are available in paper or plastic that can simply be disposed of at the end of the event. Banquets, conventions, and trade shows will be given a colorful accent with the 14 foot purple tableskirt or our economical 100’ banquet table roll. Don’t forget the BulkPurple placemats for providing a fun look for individual place settings.
A simple philosophy is to keep customers satisfied and our premium Purple bulk supplies have the quality and selection that will meet your needs whether your business is event planning, catering, or retail sales.
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