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Wholesale Napkins Bands

Hoffmaster Paper Napkin Bands

Create Cutlery Napkin Bundles with Help from Hoffmaster Napkin Bands

Let our napkins bands help you create cutlery napkin bundles for your restaurant, catering operation, banquet hall, or event. We offer both adhesive and interlocking napkin bands that vary in sizes, including 1-1/2" x 4-1/4" and 1-1/2" x 6". Our napkin bands come in boxes or on convenient rolls to expedite the process. With a range of colors and patterns to choose from, we're confident you'll find a napkin band to complement your color palette.

Get Creative With Wholesale Paper Napkin Bands Wrapped Around Cutlery Bundles

What a convenient, simple, and time saving product! Our colorful and stylish bulk paper napkin bands provide a sanitary and attractive means of presenting eating utensils to guests while simplifying table setting time and adding a professional touch. Why spend time and labor searching through tableware inventory when you can easily bundle items into neat, useful packages? The disposable napkin band collection includes products of different lengths with both adhesive and interlocking styles. We can help make your business shine with a variety of bulk napkin bands.

Wholesale Paper Napkin Bands Will Add Fashion and Pizzazz to Any Venue

Dining experiences benefit from a colorful, coordinated, and well-ordered appearance. Our decorative disposable paper napkin bands are sold in a variety of colors and designs so you can mix and match them to the rest of the tableware, coordinate them with your logo or theme, or just to complement a specific color palette.
  • Solid Colors - Popular choices of black and white add sophistication and simplicity to the venue. Elegant color selections include burgundy, hunter green and a burgundy paisley. Festive colors include navy, red, green and blue. There are also natural and cinnamon colored bands for a neutral scheme. Wholesale case quantities vary, and inner packages are either boxed or shrink wrapped.
  • Printed Styles - Colorful and trendy designs are decorated with bright stripes, dots and curly cues perfect for birthdays, special fiestas or New Year's dances. The Silver Swirl band is black with swirling lines in silver which adds a very classy bit of decor to the table. Great for fine dining establishments and more elegant dining occasions. Our wholesale Mexican Fiesta style band is printed with sombreros, maracas and chili peppers and the words "Muchas Gracias". Cultural restaurants or food vendors would love this version! Inner case quantities are boxed or shrink wrapped.
  • Wrap'nRoll - These convenient bulk rolls expedite the preparation of bundles for the venue. Simply tear off a paper napkin band and secure it around the bundle. Our most popular colors are featured on the disposable bulk rolls -- white, hunter green, burgundy and burgundy paisley. With 250 bands per roll, set up is easy. Inner case quantities are shrink wrapped.

Convenient Disposable Napkin Bands Take The Guesswork Out of Preparation

Bulk napkin bands are manufactured in the same width of 1.5 inches. The majority of the disposable wholesale napkin bands measure 4.25 inches in length, which is a perfect size for securing around a bundle of utensils, chopsticks, etc. Select longer bands are perfect for fluffier, larger bundles that might include an extra piece of cutlery, a straw, or a small gift for the guest. If bundles are prepared ahead of the event then set-up is usually less stressful and tables or counters are neater looking and more sanitary. Loose cutlery might be touched by multiple hands whereas pre-wrapped bundles are easy to grab and more hygienic. A decorative utensil bundle accented with its own disposable napkin band looks great in the following locations:
  • Fine dining restaurants set next to the dinner plate
  • Casual dining establishments placed with the condiments and other tableware
  • Cafeterias or buffets at the beginning of the service line
  • Containers on deli or bakery counters
  • Take-out containers for catered meals or snacks
  • Baskets at sports event concession stands
  • Tableware caddies in bars or taverns
  • Bowls or baskets at outdoor receptions, reunions or large events
Customer satisfaction is a priority and everything you do in your food service business, no matter how small, is evaluated by patrons. Our wholesal paper napkin bands offer a simple decorative touch that is guaranteed to elicit a positive response from customers. Your business benefits from the wholesale quantities, competitive market pricing, and the labor saving qualities of this decorative bulk tableware item. Purchasing smart products is a smart business decision.
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