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Wholesale Eco-Friendly Utensils

Eco-Friendly Cutlery

Go Green with Our Collection of Durable Eco-Friendly Cutlery

Make an environmentally responsible decision for your business or event by purchasing from our line of eco-friendly cutlery. Our sustainable forks, knives, and spoons are certified as 100% compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities, making them a more sustainable choice than plastic. The cutlery has a high heat tolerance of 212 degrees Fahrenheit and is standard size. Each piece of white cutlery is marked with a "100% Compostable" stamp so your patrons know you made an environmentally responsible choice. Use our eco-friendly cutlery for your event, restaurant, or catering operation!

High Quality Eco-Friendly Cutlery for Business or Entertaining

Committed to being environmentally responsible, is pleased to offer Earth Wise recycled paper products certified by Green Seal™. Using science based standards to test products, Green Seal™ promotes the manufacturing, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible goods across the marketplace. Tableware certified by Green Seal™, such as our eco bulk cutlery, has been shown to work as well as or better than others in their class. Caterers, event planners, restaurants, food carts and take out stands will love this durable option that is sure to please customers. Eco wholesale cutlery is certified as 100% compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities. The use of sustainable tableware options will allow your business to stand above the rest in the desire to offer environmentally sound choices for your patrons or party guests. Eco-friendly selections include:
  • Wholesale case quantities of individual Earth Wise Tree Free forks, knives and spoons. Utensils measure approximately 6 inches long and are produced from a nature based plastic derived from corn, which is much more sustainable than plastic. The white cutlery coordinates with a variety of event styles and is also perfect for use at hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities. Each utensil is stamped with a 100% compostable mark so upon disposal there is no confusion for customers or party guests.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Cutlery Kits are ideal for casual take out restaurants, food trucks and caterers. The bulk wrapped sets include a compostable napkin, fork, knife and spoon. Even the plastic wrapper is 100% compostable. Be sure to check out Earth Wise plates, bowls, deli trays, clamshells and containers for a complete line of sustainable selections.
  • Bulk Cater Wrap packs are a slightly more upscale fork and knife combination also popular with casual take-out restaurants, food trucks, and event professionals. The compostable fork and knife is rolled into a 100% recycled tissue napkin and sealed with a decorative napkin band. These wholesale napkin and cutlery rolls are the perfect alternative to tree based plastic and paper offerings that will please customers.
Event professionals and food service companies will also appreciate our selection of eco-friendly napkins for use alongside the compostable cutlery options. Beverage and dinner size selections are the only napkins available that are 100% tree free. This means there is no wood pulp used in the construction so they are able to quickly renew in 12 months or less. Patrons will appreciate your choice to go beyond green and carry such high quality sustainable tableware.

Boost Retail Sales by Offering Eco-Friendly Bulk Tableware

Party supply and restaurant supply retailers can easily show patrons how much they care about our planet by selling products that are made from renewable resources and are recyclable or compostable. Our wholesale eco-friendly cutlery is just one example of the amazing environmentally sound products available to you. By partnering with businesses will also benefit from;
  • Premium strength products
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Convenient retail ready packaging
  • Generous bulk case quantities
  • Beautifully designed product details
  • Easily stocked and displayed pieces
  • Exceptional customer service
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