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Wholesale Disposable Paper Traymats

Hoffmaster Traymats & Tray Liners

Use Decorative Traymats for an Upscale Image

Add distinction to patient meal service or elevate the cafeteria dining experience with a variety of fun yet functional traymats from Hoffmaster. The decorative tray liners are intended for use with standard trays used for mealtime at hospitals, nursing homes, casual restaurants, cruise ships and hotel room service. Presentation impacts the overall satisfaction of patients and patrons, so eye-catching traymats are an easy way to help achieve this goal. The quality traymats are also available in a variety of solid colors, embossed designs and scalloped edge borders. Don't forget the specialty traymats for New Baby, Birthday, Celebrations and Kid's Corner.

White Medium Weight 14" x 18" Traymat 1000 ct

White Medium Weight 15" x 20" Traymat 1000 ct

White Light Weight 13" x 17" Traymat 1000 ct

Knurl Embossed 14" x 19" Heavyweight Traymat 1000 ct

Knurl Embossed 15" x 20" Scalloped Traymat 1000 ct

Anniversary 13" x 17" Scalloped Traymat 1000 ct

Anniversary 14" x 19" Scalloped Traymat 1000 ct

Anniversary 14" x 18" Scalloped Traymat 2000 ct

Anniversary 15" x 20" Scalloped Traymat 2000 ct

Burgundy 15" x 20" Traymat 1000 ct

Hunter Green 15" x 20" Traymat 1000 ct

Savant Traymat 1,000 ct

Elegance 14" x 18" Traymats 1000 ct

Regal Nonskid Traymat 1000 ct

Regal Oval Nonskid Traymat 500 ct

Jazzy 14" x 18" Traymat 1000 ct

Jazzy 15" x 20" Traymat 1000 ct

Scroll 14" x 18" Traymat 1,000 ct

Scroll 15" x 20" Traymat 1,000 ct

Scroll Room Service Traymat 500 ct

Iris Scroll 15" x 20" Traymat 1,000 ct

Swirl Room Service Traymat 1,000 ct

13" x 17" Swirl Paper Traymats 1000 ct

14" x 19" Swirl Paper Traymats 1000 ct

Cobblestone Scalloped Traymat 1000 ct

14" x 19" Scalloped Cobblestone Paper Traymats 1000 ct

Tile Mosaic 12" x 22" Traymat 1,000 ct

Tile Mosaic Traymat 1,000 ct

Trumpet Border 14" x 18" Traymat 1,000 ct

Trumpet Border 14" x 19" Traymat 1,000 ct

Bright Daisy Traymats 500 ct

Mali 15" x 20" Traymats 1000 ct

12.75" x 16.75" Watercolor Leaves Paper Traymats 1000 ct

Children's My Plate 15" x 20" Traymats 500 ct

Nutrition 15" x 20" Traymat 1000 ct

13" x 17" Healthy Choices Paper Traymats 1000 ct

14" x 19" Healthy Choices Paper Traymats 1000 ct

Cornucopia Traymats 500 ct

13.5" X 18.75" Traditional Poinsettia Paper Traymats 1000 ct

Add Fashion and an Upscale Image by Using Decorative Bulk Tray Mats

We sell a wonderful variety of functional, disposable paper traymats that will enhance dining experiences for cafeterias, hospitals, or any casual food vendor. Liners are sized to fit industry standard serving trays and the variety of designs is guaranteed to increase customer and patient satisfaction and mood. Wholesale paper tray mats also create a hygienic and sanitary surface for each patient or patron. The majority of the bulk offerings are sold 1,000 pieces per case and are constructed of medium weight paper. Some of the liners even feature a non-skid bond. In addition, we offer specialty patterns for meaningful occasions and events.

Great Decorative Features Make Wholesale Traymats A Must-Have Product

Multiple colors, sizes, surface textures and finished edge styles make these disposable paper tray mats a worthwhile item for your business or industry. We always offer competitive wholesale pricing with our high quality bulk products so you are guaranteed a great deal. Presentation does affect satisfaction but we know you are also looking for a cost effective product. Check out some of the positive reasons to shop from line of wholesale traymats.
  • Wholesale selections are sold in sizes to fit standard trays. We sell bulk paper traymats that will fit 14 inches x 18 inches or 15 inches x 20 inches. Disposable traymats will instantly enhance the look of trays, especially any that might contain stains, cut marks or flaws. Surfaces will look clean and sanitary so patrons will eat with reassurance that their meal is hygienic. Because the mats are disposable or recyclable, clean-up is easy and fast.
  • Design specifics are important to customers and our assortment of bulk tray mats has a generous selection of details from which to choose. Most of the patterned paper traymats feature straight edges to give a refined and clean look. Solid colored mats feature either straight edges or scalloped edging which adds a little style. Solid colored mats also feature a choice of embossing; a gentle texturing to give the wholesale traymats tactile appeal. Products are sold with a floral, knurled, or anniversary embossed surface. A selection of mats also include a non-skid surface to help plates, bowls and utensils stay in place. Our inventory includes 2 styles of oval, non-skid liners that are perfect for larger trays that might be used by waiters at catered affairs or for displaying desserts or appetizers.
  • The inventory of patterns offered is eye-catching and fun to shop. Pastel solid colors are always a safe, decorative choice that adds a calming mood to food service. We sell bulk tray mats with a variety of floral designs, some geometric patterns, and a choice of decorative swirls or jazzy stripes. Look for seasonal assorted collections that include mats appropriate for upcoming holidays. The line of disposable tray mats also includes specialty products with nutrition information, one for Ribbons of Awareness, one to celebrate a new baby and a multipack of kid-friendly options. We've got you covered!

Find These Marvelous Disposable Tray mats Almost Anywhere!

Eye-catching, sanitary looking tray liners are an easy way to gain customer or patient satisfaction and approval and they always elevate the eating experience. These decorative liners can show up in any area that relies on trays for meal delivery.
  • Patient hospital rooms
  • Nursing home meals for bedbound patients
  • Theme park or sports arena concessions dining
  • Food courts in malls or shopping centers
  • Cruise ship serve-yourself meal areas
  • Hotel room service delivery
  • Complimentary breakfast service for lodging
  • University/college cafeterias
  • Corporation business dining areas
  • Airport dining areas and restaurants
Our excellent customer service department can help with any questions or concerns because we believe in your overall satisfaction. Taking food service to the next level is easy with on your side.
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