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Shop our Clear tableware items to coordinate with a variety of ensembles and colors.

Clear Party Supplies

Stay In The Clear With Our Clear Products Sold In Bulk Packaging at Very Competitive Prices!

Part of our Touch of Color brand, which offers over 30 different categories of solid color products, we also offer our Clear products. The neutrality of the Clear products means they can be used with just about any decorating theme and color palette, since their lack of color won't compete with the dιcor! Sold in higher quantity counts to meet the needs of event coordinators, caterers, and restaurants who do large scale entertaining and hosting, as well as retailers who need to stock their shelves with merchandise, our products are competitively priced and sold in bulk packaging for a lower cost per unit.

Our Bulk Packaged Clear Party Products Are Available At Competitive Wholesale Pricing!

Stay in the clear with party products that don't compete with the event's decorations! Our Clear party products are neutral party products that can take a backseat to the dιcor if that is what you wish! We offer a selection of plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, tablecovers and skirting in various shaped and sizes, so you can select exactly what you need. Our products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that our plastic is strong enough and durable enough so that you get the performance and reliability you expect! And with our economical wholesale pricing, our per unit cost is lower than those of our party suppliers!

Our selection of Clear products includes both disposable paper and plastic products, both having undergone rigorous strength tests to prove they are the strong and durable products you expect from a product made from the highest quality materials. Our plates, cups, and bowls are made of recyclable #6 plastic. We offer oblong and circular table covers, along with a convenient 100' table roll which allows you to cut the table covering to the desired length. A pleated plastic table skirt can be paired with the table cover if so desired. For food service, we offer a plate selection that includes 7, 9, and 10.25 inch round plates, 12 ounce bowls, 12 and 16 ounce cups, and cutlery sold individually by type (forks, spoons, and knives) or in an assorted package of all three.

Let be your resource for all your party products! You will always find superior products sold in larger quantities at very economical prices with first rate customer service!

So if you are a:
  • Restaurant or bakery owner
  • Event coordinator or wedding planner
  • Caterer
  • Reseller who is shelving our products on store shelves
  • Businesses that market "party packages" to large groups, especially for birthday parties, such as zoos, aquariums, skating rinks, gaming centers, community swimming pools, etc.
  • Rental facilities, such as a banquet or reception hall that provide tableware for events
Then make the source for all your disposable paper and plastic bulk packaged products!

Clear Bulk Packaged Disposable Plastic Plates

Our disposable Clear plastic plates are round with a slightly elevated rim that is embossed for added detailing. The plates are made of recyclable #6 plastic. The lunch size plates are sized for snacks, finger foods, and desserts. The dinner size plates are sized for larger portions of snacks and appetizers, as well as cold entrees like salads and sandwiches. The banquet size plates are sized to accommodate a full meal. The sizes are available in the following packaging quantities:
  • 7 inch Lunch: total case count of 240; 20/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • 9 inch Dinner: total case count of 240; 20/pkg, 12pkgs /case
  • 10.25 inch Banquet: total case count of 240; 20/pkg, 12 pkgs/case

Clear Bulk Packaged Disposable Plastic Cups

We have two different sizes to select from: 12 ounces and 16 ounces. The 12 ounce cups have a 1.5 cup capacity. The 16 ounce cups have a 2 cup capacity. Both are made of recyclable #6 plastic. The cups feature a tapered shape, so they fit nicely in the hand when held. Both are sold in case counts of 240, with 20 cups/pkg, 12 pkgs/case.

Clear Bulk Packaged Disposable Plastic Bowls

The Clear plastic bowls have a 12 ounce capacity (1.5 cups) and are made of recyclable #6 plastic. They are sold in a case count of 240, with 20/pkg, 12 pkgs/case.

Clear Bulk Packaged Disposable Plastic Cutlery

Only need forks? Spoons only? Or maybe forks and knives, but no spoons? Our bulk packaging of the three types of utensils makes it easy to select just the right utensil for just the right use. Or, if you would like complete sets, including forks, spoons, and knives, we have our assorted bulk packaging. The cutlery is available in the following packaging quantities:
  • Forks: total case count of 600; 50/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • Spoon: total case count of 600; 50/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • Knives: total case count of 600; 50/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • Assorted: total case count of 288; 24/pkg, 12 pkgs/case

Clear Bulk Packaged Disposable Plastic Tablecovers and Tableskirts

For tablecover options, we offer three choices. Our 100' table roll is simple and easy to use and is especially perfect for buffet tables because you can roll out the desired length and cut to size! We also have standard rectangular/oblong shaped tablecovers, as well as our popular Octy-Round size. Because our tablecoverings are made of plastic, spill and messes wipe up easily with a damp cloth or towel, ensuring the table tops stay neat and tidy during the event. The pleated tableskirt is designed to be used with our table roll and rectangular shaped tablecovering. Our tablecoverings are sold in the following case quantities:
  • 100' table roll: total case count of 1; 1/pkg, 1 pkg/case
  • 54" wide x 108" long oblong: total case count of 12; 1/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • 82" diameter Octy-Round: total case count of 12; 1/pkg, 12 pkgs/case
  • 14' long x 29" high tableskirt: total case count of 6; 1/pkg, 6 pkgs/case
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