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Wholesale Round Paper Tablecloths

Round Paper Tablecloths

Spruce up Your Tablescape with Round Paper Tablecloths

Our round paper tablecloths are an economical way to dress up and protect your tables and ease cleanup after meals. Our round tablecloths are tavailable in classic white and come in 72" and 82" sizes. They are available in 2 ply tissue, 1 ply poly. These tablecloths are a great, affordable option for your high-turnover restaurant or hotel, one time banquets and catered events, or churches, cafes, and community centers. They're an economical option for a discerning customer!

Cover your Dining Scene with Economical Wholesale Round Paper Tablecovers!

If you're an event planner, party retailer or restaurant owner, our bulk collection of wholesale round paper tablecovers, will provide dining patrons with just the right accent for any dining occasion or special event! Real cloth has generally been the traditional choice for upscale dining but it's not always the practical option for single use large scale events like weddings, trade shows and corporate functions. In fact, the disposable option is perfectly acceptable and with the different types of materials that are available in our bulk round paper tablecovers, we bet patrons won't event notice that these attractive tabletop accents are actually meant to be thrown away!

Our selection of bulk round paper tablecovers is an economical way to dress up any venue while protecting the tabletop surface from unsightly stains and spills. With competitive pricing on the entire collection, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and dining halls will find that disposable round paper tablecovers are a very affordable option for any high traffic business. An additional benefit to choosing wholesale tablecovers is that they are available in a multitude of colors along with the classic black and white options to match any wedding decorations, company trademark and seasonal celebrations.

Add Convenience to your Business and Save Money with Bulk Round Paper Tablecovers!

Here are just some of the many benefits and conveniences that we love about incorporating disposable table coverings into your inventory:
  • Bulk round paper tablecover cases feature individually wrapped packages so a reseller can sell single selections and a caterer or dining establishment can leave them in their protective packaging until ready for use.
  • Round paper tablecovers are quick to set up and easy to dispose of, ultimately saving time and labor costs.
  • Disposable paper table coverings feature a 1-ply poly lining on the back so spills and drips can easily be mopped up and won't soak through to the table.
  • Bulk round paper tablecovers create a cohesive look at large scale events while providing a beautiful ambiance to the dining experience.
  • Wholesale tablecovers are economical when considering replacement costs of real cloth vs. disposable.
  • Costs are cut to a minimum because there are no laundry fees accompanied with the use of disposable tablecovers.
  • High quality disposable selections are offered at economical wholesale pricing to fit any budget.
  • We offer fast shipping on all our bulk round paper tablecovers.
  • We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service on every order we send out the door!

Suggestions for Putting Wholesale Round Paper Tablecovers to Use!

Whether you're a party planner organizing a large scale reception, a reseller helping a bride-to-be make decisions in your store, or a restaurant owner looking to spruce up your dining space up, we are here to help you put wholesale round paper tablecovers to work in fabulous ways! Our party planning team has put together some simple suggestions for putting the disposable table coverings to work whatever the dining application:
  • When planning formal events such as weddings and corporate functions, maintain a cohesive look in the room by selecting the same color throughout and layering with party supplies and tableware in the same shade.
  • Be sure the round paper tablecover has a nice drop over the table's edge by purchasing the appropriate size for your table. Our bulk round paper tablecovers come in both 72 inch and 82 inch offerings. The longer the drop, the more formal it will look and the better it will hang.
  • If the round paper tablecover is not long enough to feature a nice drape, match it with a tableskirt in a coordinating color. This is especially helpful for pulling off events like trade shows and community fundraisers where it is necessary to keep supplies hidden underneath the table.
  • Choose two colors for a more casual dining look or to break the dining area up into separate sections.
Not only do our bulk wholesale round tablecovers add ambiance and decor to any dining establishment or special event, they serve as a practical necessity that is an economical option in any food service application. Whether it is a wedding, corporate luncheon, restaurant service or community event you're in the business of planning for, let supply your tables with high-quality disposable tableware at competitive wholesale prices you will love!
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