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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Bermuda Blue tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Bermuda Blue Party Supplies

Create Big Events with Bermuda Blue Bulk Supplies!

We are excited to present the extensive selection of our beautiful Bermuda Blue solid colored paper and plastic tableware and coordinating party supplies in our Touch of Color collection! The Bermuda Blue disposable party products boast everything an avid event planner, store retailer or casual entertainer could dream of to fulfill their party supply needs at wholesale costs. Bulk Bermuda Blue plates are offered in disposable paper and recyclable plastic materials and feature three different round sizes and one size of square to suit anyone's personal style.

Bermuda Blue Bulk Supplies is a Perfect Match for Anyone in the Party Business!

Whether you are an event planner organizing a wedding, catering service business hosting a business seminar, or party supply retailer stocking shelves in the store, the bulk Bermuda Blue party supplies will fulfill your needs with a keen sense of style that reminds us of a cool tropical breeze! The extensive lineup of our wholesale Bermuda Blue supplies comes in bulk case lots that can easily serve large guest lists or allow for simple ordering when stocking a store shelf. Whatever your purpose may be, our wholesale lineup from the Bermuda Blue Touch of Color collection is sure to fit your needs.

Bermuda Blue Wholesale Plates are Available in Paper or Plastic Bulk Packages!

  • Both the Bermuda Blue plastic and paper plates comes in three round sizes; banquet, dinner and dessert and are sold in case quantities of 10 packages per case for bulk disposable paper plates and 12 packages per case for bulk plastic plates. When combined with the number of plates per package you’ll be receiving 180 to 240 plates per case depending on which type you order!
  • All plastic plates are constructed with an eco-friendly recyclable material labeled with a #6 code.
  • Paper plates are also offered in a 7 inch contemporary square shape for an updated look that is great when combined with a larger sized round plate.

Bermuda Blue Wholesale Cups to Fulfill Every Beverage Choice!

  • Bermuda Blue paper cups are color matched on the exterior, offer the convenience of being disposable and is the only cup in the Bermuda Blue lineup that serves a multi-purpose use for both hot and cold beverage services.
  • Plastic Bermuda Blue cups are perfect for any beverage that is iced, chilled or slushed! The recyclable cup is eco-friendly and designed to color match with all the bulk Bermuda Blue party ware. Guests will find these cups easy to transport while socializing due to their attractive tapered shape.

    Bermuda Blue can Cover Tables too!

    If an event is going for that “uniform” look to the scenery, then bulk Bermuda Blue tablecovers will get the job done right. Just check out the many advantages to choosing our Bermuda Blue bulk disposable tablecovers!
    • Color matched with all the Bermuda Blue party ware to create a classy uniform scene.
    • Quick to set up and easy to remove and dispose of when the event has ended.
    • Sold in both round and rectangular shapes to fit any banquet table.
    • Sold in a 100’ roll for those big jobs!
    • Protects tabletops from spills and stains.
    • Plastic tablecovers can be wiped easily to keep a banquet service area neat and tidy during an event.
    • Bermuda Blue disposable paper tablecovers feature a luxurious cotton like feel on the top, come lined with plastic backing and is proudly made in the USA!

    Accent the Bermuda Blue Wholesale Products with an Important Detail!

    Once the service basics are covered with Bermuda Blue bulk plates, cups and matching tablecovers, go all out with final details when you match up the sturdy Bermuda Blue cutlery options available in the same cool shade as all the other wholesale Bermuda Blue products. The cutlery can be purchased in an assorted bulk package that comes with a complete place setting; a fork, knife and spoon. Or, choose to purchase each utensil in bulk packaging, depending on your purpose.

    Wrap it All Up with Bermuda Blue Napkin Choices!

    Every event no matter the size needs disposable napkins and the Bermuda Blue bulk napkin choices are many! Our Touch of Color wholesale napkins in the beautiful Bermuda Blue shade come in both 2 ply and 3 ply choices depending on the size. Each high quality disposable napkin features a coin edge embossed detail that ensures a classy appeal on the table and is manufactured with a superior color match consistency in each bulk package produced. Just check out all the different sizes and applications of the beautiful Bermuda Blue bulk napkins!
  • Beverage napkins are perfect for use at dessert tables, beverage bars or to use as coasters under cocktails.
  • Lunch napkins are sized to service the lighter meals such as appetizers, finger foods, salads and sandwiches.
  • Dinner napkins are perfect for the heartier meals that usually accompany a banquet style catered meal, restaurant services and elegant sit down dinners where cutlery can be bundled inside and secured with a decorative accent.
  • Guest towels are simply a 3-ply napkin that is uniquely folded into a rectangular fashion instead of the typical square shape and looks very classy when used as a colorful backdrop under flatware at a place setting. The Bermuda Blue disposable guest towels can also be used in a venue’s powder room to tie it into the event.
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