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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Burgundy tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Burgundy Party Supplies

Burgundy Tableware for Creativity Inspired by Beauty

If you’re looking for an inspirational and optimistic color in disposable wholesale partyware, look no further! The Burgundy bulk supplies from our Touch of Color assortment of disposable partyware has everything a person needs to create a beautiful entertainment scene in a strong non-conforming color. Burgundy is often referred to as magenta on the color chart and can prove to be an uplifting experience to a party palette, similar to that of sipping a smooth vintage red wine straight from the barrel.

From tablecoverings to coordinating plates and napkins, you’ll be the hero in your customer's eyes when you suggest the high quality wholesale Burgundy paper and plastic products as the focus to host their special occasion. With bulk retail sized packaging and competitive wholesale pricing, everyone in the party business will be a winner with Burgundy disposable supplies!

Hoffmaster Burgundy Wholesale Tableware Enhances Any Business Venture

We can help make your business shine with premium high-quality Hoffmaster Burgundy bulk disposable products stocked in your inventory. We strive to help you treat customers with superior service so their experience with you is positive and affirming. Whether you manage the corner bakery, a restaurant or hotel chain, or oversee a care facility or hospitality business, we have the selection and quality you need to run a successful endeavor. Look below at some of the product values we are eager to share:
  • Bulk quantities with convenient inner packaging for easy storage
  • Disposable items mean easier clean-up
  • Competitive wholesale pricing across the market
  • Superior quality and performance
  • Consistency in color between items
  • Recyclable bulk paper products
  • Fine details and embossing
  • Great selection of wholesale items

Bulk Burgundy Supplies Have the Quality and Features Businesses Require

Rich burgundy is a great color choice for fine dining and holidays but a little elegance on any table or tray is important to customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of Hoffmaster disposable supplies to distinguish your business from others.
  • Select dinner napkins suitable to the atmosphere of your dining establishment. We offer elegant products with fine detailing and ultra-softness that feel like linen and are customer preferred. Disposable napkins from the wholesale Hoffmaster Burgundy supplies arrive folded in a square or rectangular design or in a crease-free flat pack. Choose a classy two-toned dinner napkin for a catered holiday affair or a decorator embossed version for more casual food service.
  • Looking for ways to save time and money? Pre-wrap cutlery in napkins and secure with a richly colored burgundy napkin band that features an adhesive strip. The Hoffmaster Burgundy paper tableware napkin bands add an elegant accent or pleasing contrast to dinner napkins in other colors. We even have a burgundy paisley design for classy affairs.
  • Our Hoffmaster Burgundy disposable tableware includes beautiful placemats that protect and accent table surfaces, cover up flaws on trays, and are easy to clean up. Use the wholesale burgundy placemat for the holidays with contrasting hunter tableware.
  • Tablecovers always make a table look clean and organized and covers from our disposable Hoffmaster Burgundy supplies feature a wonderful poly lining to protect from moisture and scratches. Embossed edging adds a decorative touch. Higher quality disposable bulk tablecovers feel like linen, have a soft, luxurious texture, and drape effortlessly on round or rectangular surfaces. The rich, deep burgundy tone is a complement to elegant affairs and holiday gatherings. Paper products are easy to dispose of and save laundering and labor costs.

The Winning Solution: Use Hoffmaster Burgundy Bulk Supplies!

Keeping customers happy and satisfied is a wonderful business philosophy that is easy to achieve by using products with superior quality and value. Our beautiful and premium wholesale products have been tested by home hostesses and businesses alike and we guarantee satisfaction however you choose to use them. Smart business is making smart decisions with our Hoffmaster products.
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