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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Classic Pink tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Classic Pink Party Supplies

Oh So Sweet Classic Pink Bulk Products At Competitive Wholesale Prices!

Count on for premium products that your clients and customers expect at a fair price you deserve! Our Touch of Color brand offers an array of colors that were designed to work for any event or special occasion, general entertaining, and every day use. The Classic Pink products feature a soft, understated hue of pink. The disposable products are sold in both paper and plastic varieties, in an array of products guaranteed to meet your needs. Our plastic plates, bowls and cups are made of recyclable #6 plastic, which is now accepted through many curbside and neighborhood recycling programs!

Value Friendly Classic Pink Beverage Napkins 240 ct

Classic Pink Beverage Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Classic Pink 2 ply Beverage Napkins 600 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink Luncheon Napkins 240 ct

Classic Pink Luncheon Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Classic Pink 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 600 ct

Classic Pink Dinner Napkins 3 Ply 250 ct

Classic Pink 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Classic Pink Hoffmaster Dinner Napkins 1,000 ct

Classic Pink 3 Ply Guest Towels 192 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink Dessert Plates 96 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Dessert Plates 240 ct

Classic Pink Dessert Plates 240 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink Dinner Plates 96 ct

Classic Pink SturdyStyle Dinner Plates 240 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Banquet Plates 240 ct

Classic Pink SturdyStyle Banquet Plates 240 ct

Classic Pink SturdyStyle Oval Platters 96 ct

Classic Pink Paper Bowls 200 ct

Classic Pink 12 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Classic Pink 16 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 96 ct

Classic Pink 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 240 ct

Classic Pink and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Forks 288 ct

Classic Pink Bulk Plastic Forks 600 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Knives 288 ct

Classic Pink Bulk Plastic Knives 600 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Spoons 288 ct

Classic Pink Bulk Plastic Spoons 600 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink Assorted Plastic Cutlery 216 ct

Classic Pink Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Classic Pink Paper Placemats 600 ct

Pink Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Classic Pink Paper Tablecloths 6 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Value Friendly Classic Pink Plastic Tablecloth 12 ct

Pink Cellutex 54" x 108" Paper Tablecloths 25 ct

Classic Pink Octy-Round Paper Tablecloths 12 ct

Classic Pink Octy-Round Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Classic Pink Plastic Tableskirt 6 ct

Classic Pink Banquet Table Roll 1 ct

Classic Pink Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Classic Pink Latex Balloons 180 ct

Classic Pink Treat Cups 96 ct

Classic Pink Bulk Package Products At Wholesale Prices That Can't Be Beat!

The Classic Pink color is a soft, sweet traditional pink that can be used alone, mixed with a few of our other solid colors, or paired to coordinate with many of our printed ensembles.

Among our plate selection, we offer both round and square, big and small; from large 10.25 inch banquet size plates to smaller 7 inch plates that can be used for desserts and appetizers. There are four different napkin styles to choose from in either 2-ply or 3-ply construction. Our plastic bowls have a 12 ounce capacity and we offer 3 sizes of drink cups (9, 12 and 16 ounces). Don't want to bother with the hassle of using real silverware? We have bulk packages of disposable plastic forks, spoons, and knives, all sold separately. Or, choose a bulk package which includes an even assortment of all three utensils for complete sets. Round out the product assortment with paper placemats, disposable table coverings, crepe streamers and tableskirts, which add just the right finishing touch!

Our quality assurance guarantees superior color matching from product to product. For retailers, the products come in retail ready packaging. Build every day sales and maximize potential sales for seasonal events with our Classic Pink bulk party products! At we offer:
  • Bulk packaging for larger product quantities that are sold conveniently by the case.
  • Dependable performance at wholesale pricing.
  • Plastic cups, plates, and bowls that are made of recyclable #6 plastic for our eco-conscious customers.
  • Exceptional color match assurance that guarantees that color stays true, package to package, product to product.
  • For our party supply retailers, package dimensions are provided for each Classic Pink product so you can plan your retail displays accordingly. And our trending colors will drive regular and seasonal sales.
The Classic Pink color category includes a variety of disposable plates and cups, in both paper and plastic, along with plastic bowls and an assortment of napkins, tablecoverings, and other accessories such as plastic cutlery, paper placemats, and crepe streamers. The Classic Pink color is an exceptional choice for the following types of celebrations:
  • Girl baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Girl's birthdays
  • Women's birthdays
  • Holiday celebrations such as Easter, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day
  • Springtime affairs such as garden parties or luncheons
  • Breast cancer awareness charity events

Classic Pink Plastic and Paper Plates Sold In Bulk Packaging For Large Scale Entertaining!

We have both plastic and paper plates sold in larger quantity packages to meet your entertaining needs! Select from traditional round paper and plastic plates, or more contemporary square shaped paper plates. Our 7 inch lunch plates are sized for hors de oeuvres and desserts. The 9 inch dinner size plates can be used for holding an assortment of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Our largest size, the 10.25 inch banquet size plate can be used for main meals and buffets. All our plates have gone through strength testing to ensure they are the dependable plates that you rely on to serve your guests and customers.

Classic Pink Party Cups For Beverage Service!

Looking for cups that can be used for coffee and tea service, but also serve double-duty for cold beverages like punch or perhaps a cocktail? Our 9 ounce paper cups fit the bill! Constructed of heavy duty paper, they are pink around the outside, with a white rim and interior, with just slightly over a 1 cup capacity. They are sold in a case quantity of 240. Our 12 and 16 ounce plastic cups are tapered for a confortable grip and have raised bands around the outside of the cup for texture. Both are sized to hold more generous servings of beverage, along with a handful or two of ice and are sold in a case quantity of 240.

Classic Pink Tablecovers and Skirting To Dress Up Your Party Tables!

Our 100' banquet rolls are a simple way to cover long tables and buffet areas of all sizes. Also known as catering rolls, they can be used for banquets, birthdays, weddings and, really, are ideal for all events. They are quick and simple to use; simply roll it out to the desired length and cut to size! And the surface is easy to clean; simply wipe up spills and messes with a damp cloth! You can also select from our rectangular tablecovers that measure 54 inches wide by 108 inches long. We have both a 100% plastic tablecover as well as a layered tissue paper/poly tablecover. We also have our popular Octy-Round tablecover which measures 82 inches in diameter. Those are also available in 100% plastic and a layered tissue paper/poly mix.

Complete The Table Setting With Coordinating Classic Pink Napkins and Paper Placemats!

Our paper placemats make for a pretty background to your chosen table setting. They measure 13.375" wide x 9.50" high with a delicate scalloped border. They can also be used to line plastic dinner trays for cafeteria or room service and are sold in a case count of 600. We offer four different napkin styles including beverage, lunch, dinner and guest towels. All feature coin edge embossing for better patron perception. Made of either 2-ply or 3-ply construction, depending on the style you choose, the napkins have a soft hand feel, but are surprisingly durable! Beverage, lunch, and dinner napkins are sold in a case count of 600. Guest towels are sold in a case count of 192.

Classic Pink Disposable Cutlery Helps Make Clean Up Easy!

Replace standard silverware service with our extra strong cutlery made of premium plastic. Forks, spoons, and knives are all sold separately by type in a case count of 600. Or choose our assorted bulk package, which includes a case count of 288 (96 forks, 96 spoons, and 96 knives).
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