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Wholesale Kids Paper Placemats

Kids Placemats

Disposable Paper Placemats For Children

Keeping kids happy during their meal, and more importantly while they are waiting for food to arrive, is essential to a happy dining experience. These pape disposable placemats for kids are perfect to help children pass the time during mealtime. We offer a variety of designs that feature crayon coloring pages, games, and activities. Check out our combo-packs that include crayons!

Placemats for Kids

Childrens restaurant place mats come in a variety of designs, styles, and activity formats. Keeping these products on hand can allow parents (and their kids) to better enjoy their meals, and can allow you to make them much happier! Here's a few of our most popular styles:

Coloring Placemats

Also known as crayon placemats, these pre-printed designs have characters and shapes outlined to allow even toddlers and young kids the ability to occupy themselves and have some fun. Some of the designs feature animal figures, and some landscapes to let their creativity flow!

Activity and Game Placemats

These designs are designed for slightly older kids who are able to read, and who want to possibly interact with others at the table. They can use these placemats to play games like tic-tac-toe, word scramble, mazes, image match, and similar activities. Many of these designs are very colorful to help draw attention and interest as soon as the kids see the sheet placed in front of them.

Educational Placemats

Designed for children of all ages (you know who you are!), these placemats provide a fun table setting and can help get the conversation started. We are proud to offer a number of options including those with historical fun facts, local knowledge of your region, and even scientific triva like weather lore.
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