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CaterWrap Napkins

Hoffmaster CaterWrap Cutlery & Napkins

Save Time with Pre-Rolled Hoffmaster Caterwrap Cutlery and Napkin Bundles.

Ideal for caterers, restaurants, and large events, our CaterWrap line from Hoffmaster includes rolled napkins with heavyweight cutlery, secured with napkin bands. Hoffmaster CaterWrap is available with durable FashnPoint napkins, elegant Linen-Like napkins, or eco-friendly Earth Wise napkins. Each rolled CaterWrap bundle includes a fork, knife, and spoon, except for the Cater to Go Singles, which are individually wrapped and include a fork and knife. Hoffmaster CaterWrap is available in a variety of napkin, cutlery, and napkin band colors and designs.

Linen-Like Scroll CaterWrap with Metallic Cutlery 100 ct

FashnPoint Crescent CaterWrap with Metallic Cutlery 100 ct

8" x 8.5" Pre-Rolled Linen-Like CaterWrap White Dinner Napkins with Metallic Cutlery 100 ct

Linen-Like Damask CaterWrap with Clear Cutlery 100 ct

Linen-Like Mystic CaterWrap with Black Cutlery 200 ct

Linen-Like Silver Swirl CaterWrap with Black Cutlery 100 ct

FashnPoint Crescent CaterWrap with Black Cutlery 100 ct

7.75" x 7.75" Pre-rolled FashnPoint Kraft CaterWrap White Dinner Napkins with Black Cutlery 50 ct

7.75" x 7.75" Pre-rolled FashnPoint CaterWrap White Dinner Napkins Black Knife and Fork 50 ct

Linen-Like Earthtone CaterWrap with Chocolate Cutlery 100 ct

7.5" x 4.25" Pre-rolled Cater to Go Express White Dinner Napkin with Black Cutlery 100 ct

Cater to Go Singles White Napkins with Black Plastic Cutlery Sets 100 ct

8" x 4" Pre-rolled CaterWrap Black Ticking Stripe Dinner Napkins with EarthWise Cutlery 100 ct

8" x 4" Pre-rolled CaterWrap Blue Ticking Stripe Dinner Napkins with EarthWise Cutlery 100 ct

FashnPoint Gold & Silver Stripe CaterWrap with Metallic Cutlery 100 ct

8" x 8.5" Pre-rolled Linen-Like Marble CaterWrap Black Napkins with Rose Gold Cutlery 100 ct

Linen-Like Ornate CaterWrap with Clear Cutlery 100 ct

7.5" x 4.25" Pre-rolled Linen-Like Natural CaterWrap Gray Onyx Dinner Napkins with Black Cutlery 100 ct

FashnPoint Natural Burlap Printed CaterWrap with Black Cutlery 100 ct

Linen-Like Napkins with Eco Friendly Disposable Cutlery Sets 100 ct

6" x 6" Pre-rolled Tissue CaterWrap Kraft Napkins with Wood Cutlery 100 ct

Festive Holiday FashnPoint CaterWrap with Metallic Cutlery 100 ct

Holly CaterWrap with Red & Green Dinner Napkins & Clear Cutlery 100 ct

8.5 in x 8.5 in Wrapped Pre-rolled Linen-Like CaterWrap White Napkins with Black Cutlery 100 ct

A Fashionable Product That Saves You Money And Time--What Could Be Better Than Wholesale CaterWrap Napkin and Cutlery Sets?

We understand that businesses are always looking for economical ways to save time and money and our line of bulk CaterWrap Napkin Sets are the perfect solution. The wholesale collection of paper CaterWrap napkin sets is an ideal choice for restaurants, caterers, food service vendors or any event serving a large number of guests. Sturdy plastic utensils comes prewrapped in a soft, absorbent napkin and each bundle is secured with a decorative band. Caterwrap sets can be displayed for guests to take or they can be arranged at place settings for a sit down affair. We know you will appreciate the quality and convenience of our assortment of disposable CaterWrap napkins.

Businesses Value the Quality and Variety of Bulk CaterWrap Napkins and Cutlery Sets

Only the finest quality materials are used in production of these popular rolled wholesale CaterWrap napkin sets. Customers appreciate the premium features found in our soft and absorbent products which will only enhance their dining experience. You choose the best suited option for your needs:
  • Many of the bulk CaterWrap napkins come from our Linen-Like collection and represent positive benefits for your business. The wholesale Linen-like assortment feels, looks, and drapes like real linen and will easily last an entire meal service. The durable airlaid material has a soft facial quality as well as a high wet strength, so spills can be blotted or wiped without tearing. The absorbent napkin is perfect every time--no stains, frayed edges, holes or faded spots like those found on real cloth. This product is patron preferred over linen.
  • Some of our wholesale paper CaterWrap napkin sets feature our exclusive FlashnPoint disposable napkins, which showcase a product construction where fashion meets function. FlashnPoint table linens are manufactured with a process that combines air and embossing to achieve a thicker material with a soft and fluffy feel. They will also last an entire meal and are perfect for messier foods and dining. A proven positive result in a disposable product.
  • Bulk CaterWrap napkin products include environmentally responsible choices as well. Our Earthwise selection is made from 100% recycled content, is chlorine free and Green Seal certified. The Linen-Like natural option is made from 55% recycled fibers, 40% postconsumer waste and is EPA approved. These two paper CaterWrap napkins are wrapped around compostable utensils and are printed with a symbol and message that shows consumers you have made an eco-friendly, green choice.

Check Out Other Great Qualities Found in the Disposable CaterWrap Napkin Sets

Our superior features don't just include incredible choices in table linens. There are so many great reasons to use the wholesale CaterWrap napkins and cutlery sets.
  • Bulk quantities mean easy stocking and a sufficient amount of merchandise on hand
  • Inner case packages make product distribution simpler
  • No rental fees or laundering costs as with linen or cloth
  • Products are pre-wrapped to save you time and labor
  • Utensil choices include clear, black, brown, compostable, or metallic silver
  • A variety of appealing band designs to coordinate with your event
  • Heavyweight cutlery provides strength for any meal or service
  • Products are disposable for easy clean-up and less labor
  • Fashionable product appearance enhances patron's dining experience
  • Cater to Go singles are individually wrapped in clear plastic and include a knife and fork
  • All products include excellent customer service to answer questions or assist in placing orders

We Guarantee You Will Love the Assortment of Bulk CaterWrap Napkins and Cutlery Bundles

The pre-wrapped napkin and utensil sets are so convenient and attractive for many settings--deli counters, catered sit down meals, casual dining restaurants, cafeterias, buffet lines, food trucks, theme park concessions, take out foods, conferences and more. Saving time, labor, and money is attractive to any business and we are here to assist your success. Let us help you follow the sound business philosophy of providing customers with excellent service and products. Our disposable CaterWrap napkins and cutlery sets are just one example of the wonderful products found at
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