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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Navy tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Navy Party Supplies

Entertaining Is a Breeze with Navy Wholesale Products

Customers want premium quality plastic and paper products for their business endeavors and we have the supplies that deliver satisfaction. We offer outstanding items that are expertly color matched among products and they feature the strength to be reliable at any event or occasion. Whether the Navy bulk supplies are used to host a holiday festival, cater a wedding or college reunion, stock restaurant or cafe dining services, or to supplement a corporate event we offer all items at market competitive costs. We carry the disposable paper products and heavyweight plastics specific to the needs of your business: dessert and dinner sized plates in either square or round designs, round banquet size plates, 3 styles of cups, a choice of tablecovers, disposable cutlery, streamers, placemats, and 4 different napkin styles. The Touch of Color Navy wholesale products add bold accents and a powerful statement to any venue or situation. Check out our extensive inventory for the choices and features available that will please all your customers.

Navy Blue Beverage Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Navy 2 ply Beverage Napkins 600 ct

Navy 2 Ply Beverage Napkins 1200 ct

Navy Blue Luncheon Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Navy 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 600 ct

Navy 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 900 ct

Navy Blue Dinner Napkins 3 Ply 250 ct

Navy 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Navy 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Quickset Navy Blue Dinner Napkins 800 ct

Navy Blue Hoffmaster Dinner Napkins 1,000 ct

Linen-Like Flat Pack Navy Blue Dinner Napkins 500 ct

Navy 3 Ply Guest Towels 192 ct

Navy Plastic Dessert Plates 240 ct

Navy Dessert Plates 240 ct

Navy Plastic Dinner Plates 240 ct

Navy SturdyStyle Dinner Plates 240 ct

Navy Plastic Banquet Plates 240 ct

Navy SturdyStyle Banquet Plates 240 ct

Navy Square Dessert Plates 180 ct

Navy SturdyStyle Oval Platters 96 ct

Navy 12 oz Plastic Bowls 240 ct

Navy Blue Paper Bowls 200 ct

Navy 12 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Navy 16 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Navy 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 240 ct

Navy Plastic Forks 288 ct

Navy Bulk Plastic Forks 600 ct

Navy Plastic Knives 288 ct

Navy Bulk Plastic Knives 600 ct

Navy Plastic Spoons 288 ct

Navy Bulk Plastic Spoons 600 ct

Navy Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Navy Paper Placemats 600 ct

Navy Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Navy Paper Tablecloths 6 ct

Navy Blue Paper Tablecloth 24 ct

Navy Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Navy Blue Plastic Tablecloth 24 ct

Navy Octy-Round Paper Tablecloths 12 ct

Navy Octy-Round Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Navy Cellutex 82" x 82" Paper Tablecloths 25 ct

Navy Cellutex 54" x 108" Paper Tablecloths 25 ct

Navy Cellutex 54" x 54" Square Paper Tablecloths 50 ct

Navy Banquet Table Roll 1 ct

Navy Blue Banquet Roll 1 ct

Navy Plastic Tableskirt 6 ct

Blue Foil Cascading Centerpieces 6 ct

Navy Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Smart Business Equals Purchasing Navy Bulk Supplies

The Navy wholesale supplies have the qualities and features that keep clients satisfied. Whether you are in business as a party supply reseller, event coordinator, small café owner or wedding caterer we promote premium paper products and first rate plastic supplies to meet your needs. The Touch of Color collection has created a beautiful deep blue tone that is strong and smart and will add powerful accents to any venue or affair. Look below for the variety of sizes, shapes and materials in products available in Navy.
  • The premium quality napkins in the Navy wholesale supplies are sold in numerous designs. The 2-ply beverage napkin is ideal for supplementing a beverage bar or dessert service. The larger lunch napkin can be folded around cutlery or rolled and secured with a business logo or tag. The dinner napkin creates a more formal table setting. The 3-ply disposable guest towel can be placed on a table or in restrooms for guests to use as hand towels.
  • The paper products in Navy include round or square shaped plates to highlight any occasion. Round plates are sold in 3 sizes in bulk quantities for larger inventory storage and service. All paper plates have attractive, coin-edge embossed rims along with strong performance and durability. Deep dish square plates offer an artistic element and can be stacked with the round dishes for visual excitement.
  • The plastic bowl, cups and plates in the Navy wholesale supplies add extra shine and function to holidays, events or ventures. The multipurpose 12 ounce bowl conveniently holds ice cream treats, party nuts and candies, or small sample items for trade shows. The 12 ounce and 16 ounce cups are easier to grasp and hold larger amounts of beverages for sports venues or outdoor parties. The plastic dinner and dessert sized plates offer a container that juices and liquids will not soak through. Many of the plastic products are #6 recyclable.
  • Add classy style, bold color and balance to any affair with pretty streamers and placemats. The streamers can be gently twisted and hung with coordinating colors to match occasions or printed theme ensembles. The classic blue mixes with red and white to add a patriotic emotion to holidays or election rallies and the dark blue is often found in school colors and business insignias. The Navy wholesale supplies include a paper placemat with a delicate scalloped edge that enhances table settings or dresses up a serving tray for cafeterias or hotel room service.
  • The Navy bulk products make it simple to elegantly decorate tables and event stages. Order the round or rectangular tablecovers in durable plastic or plastic lined paper for maximum coverage and utility. The bold blue 14 foot tableskirt has an adhesive edge to secure to tables or display booths and because it hangs down to the floor it will offer hidden storage underneath. All tablecover products are disposable for easy event clean-up.
  • The Touch of Color Navy bulk supplies include intelligent choices for ordering cutlery. Disposable cutlery can be ordered in bulk quantity of just forks, spoons or knives or it can be purchased in assortment packages to serve 8 guests. For a catering business that serves buffets, order bulk amounts of knives to offer guests for buttering dinner rolls, or a bulk package of spoons for the coffee cart.

Navy Wholesale Supplies Offer Superior Product Values

Look at the benefits to your customers when you carry Navy bulk supplies!
  1. Disposable paper and plastics mean easy clean-up
  2. Large variety of shapes and sizes to meet customer needs
  3. Extraordinary strength and appearance in products
  4. Bulk quantities for simple storage and sales
  5. Retail friendly packaging for clients
  6. Consistency and uniformity in color between items
  7. Competitive market wholesale pricing

The Winning Solution is to Sell Touch of Color Navy Bulk Supplies

Keeping customers happy is a great business philosophy that is easy to achieve by selling paper products and plastic supplies with superior quality and value. The Touch of Color collection has perfected the strong and proud dark blue that appears in so many business ventures and affairs. If choosing to use the Navy bulk supplies, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the options and services available to you and your clients.
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