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Wholesale Placemats

Fashion Meets Function with Our Wide Selection of Placemats

Add a splash of style and function to your tables with our collection of placemats. Check out our solid color selection for a rainbow of colors to match nearly any color palette. We also offer a bevy of decorated placemats that match a variety of seasons, holidays, styles, and motifs, as well as placemats for kids that feature fun designs and games for kids to doodle on. Finally, our hospital and foodservice placemats serve functional purposes for professionals.

Add Style and Function to Tables and Trays with Disposable Placemats & Traymats

Placemats serve many purposes, from practical to decorative. They're one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color or intrigue to your tabletops, all the while making cleanup easier and protecting your furniture from spills. We're proud to offer hundreds of disposable placemat options, but we admit it can be a challenge to figure out which placemat is perfect for your event or business. So, to ease your purchasing decision, read on for tips and tricks on how to pick out your perfect paper placemat.

If simple and classy are what you're going for, then peruse our extensive selection of solid color paper placemats. We have every color of the rainbow (plus some) in scalloped, die-cut, and straight-edged styles. Choose a color that complements your business colors, wedding colors, or the rest of your tablescape. You could even choose a couple different colors to incorporate throughout your tabletops.

If you want a little more pizazz, then head over to our selection of printed design placemats. Here, you'll find everything from simple lines and patterns to seasonal placemats, floral, holiday, educational, and religious designs. If you're purchasing for a restaurant, be sure to check out our placemats that fit various cuisines, such as Mexican, Greek, Chinese, seafood, down-home comfort food, and more.

Our printed design placemats section is also where you'll find fun activity, puzzle, and coloring placemats for kids. You'll be surprised what a difference providing kids with interactive placemats makes for all of your patrons. Keeping your young guests happy and occupied will give the adults a chance to chat and enjoy a meal out.

If you're purchasing for a cafeteria, hospital, or hotel, be sure to check out our selection of traymats, which are designed to fit food trays. Our traymats will prevent dishes from sliding around on trays, make cleanup after meals easier, and brighten your guests' or patients' days with that extra special touch.

Fashion definitely meets function with our collection of placemats, and we're confident you'll find a style (or two!) to meet your needs.
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