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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Ivory tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Ivory Party Supplies

Ivory Bulk Supplies Add Elegance and Style to Any Occasion

When customers require premium quality tableware and accessories, they can count on you to deliver satisfaction. We offer outstanding products with consistent color matching and superior strength for any style of entertaining or service. The wholesale supplies in Ivory are perfect for catered weddings or reunions, stocking restaurant or cafι shelves, conferences and banquets or selling to the party planner—we have the supplies you need at bulk competitive prices. We stock first rate, heavyweight plastics and paper products for any table: 3 sizes of plates in round or square shapes, 3 sizes of cups, 2-ply or 3-ply napkins in 4 different styles, cutlery, streamers, placemats and tablecovers. The Ivory bulk supplies will add charming highlights and classy accents to any venue or situation. We offer an extensive variety of products with superior features to please your customers so they will return to you for their next purchase.

Ivory Beverage Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Ivory 2 ply Beverage Napkins 600 ct

Ivory 2 Ply Beverage Napkins 1200 ct

Ivory Luncheon Napkins 3 ply 500 ct

Ivory 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 600 ct

Ivory 2 Ply Luncheon Napkins 900 ct

Ivory Dinner Napkins 3 Ply 250 ct

Ivory 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Ivory 2 Ply Dinner Napkins 600 ct

Ecru Linen-Like Dinner Napkins 300 ct

Linen-Like Flat Pack

Greek Key Embossed Ecru Dinner Napkins 600 ct

FashnPoint 2-Tone Ecru Dinner Napkins 800 ct

Quickset Ecru Dinner Napkins 800 ct

Ecru Dinner Napkins 1,000 ct

Ivory 3 Ply Guest Towels 192 ct

Ecru Linen-Like Guest Towel 500 ct

Ivory Plastic Dessert Plates 240 ct

Ivory Dessert Plates 240 ct

Ivory Plastic Dinner Plates 240 ct

Ivory Dinner Plates 240 ct

Ivory Plastic Banquet Plates 240 ct

Ivory Banquet Plates 240 ct

Ivory Square Dessert Plates 180 ct

Ivory Square Dinner Plates 180 ct

Ivory Oval Platters 96 ct

Ivory 12 oz Plastic Bowls 240 ct

Paper Ivory Bowls 200 ct

Ivory 12 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Ivory 16 oz Plastic Cups 240 ct

Ivory 9 oz Hot & Cold Cups 240 ct

Ivory Plastic Forks 288 ct

Ivory Bulk Plastic Forks 600 ct

Ivory Plastic Knives 288 ct

Ivory Bulk Plastic Knives 600 ct

Ivory Plastic Spoons 288 ct

Ivory Bulk Plastic Spoons 600 ct

Ivory Assorted Plastic Cutlery 288 ct

Ivory Paper Tablecloths 6 ct

Ivory Paper Tablecloths 24 ct

Ivory Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Ivory Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Ivory Plastic Tablecloths 24 ct

Ecru Linen-Like 50" x 108" Tablecloths 20 ct

Ivory Octy-Round Paper Tablecloths 12 ct

Ivory Octy-Round Plastic Tablecloths 12 ct

Ivory Plastic Octy-Round Tablecloths 12 ct

Ivory Banquet Table Roll 1 ct

Ivory Banquet Roll 1 ct

Ivory Banquet Roll 6 ct

Ivory Plastic Banquet Table Roll 1 ct

Ivory Plastic Tableskirt 6 ct

Ivory Crepe Streamer 12 ct

Intelligent Business Choices Selling Ivory Wholesale Supplies

Whether your business is catering, hotel management, wedding and event planning, or party supply vendor, we have the premium Ivory bulk supplies to keep your customers satisfied. Our Touch of Color collection offers an extensive variety of beautiful, soft creamy toned products clients demand for adding elegance, sophistication and charm to their events and services. Smart business means selling superior plastics and paper products for everyone’s benefit. Look at the following list of product values that we are proud to share.
  1. Exceptional color matching among plastic and paper products
  2. Disposable products means easy event clean-up
  3. Market competitive bulk pricing
  4. Retail friendly packaging
  5. Bulk quantities for sales and simple storage
  6. Recyclable paper and plastics
  7. Outstanding product durability and appearance
  8. Assortment of product sizes and shapes
  9. Consistency in performance and quality

Ivory Bulk Supplies Offer a Variety of Choices to Please Customers

Ivory is a wonderful neutral color that evokes calm, peace and serenity while appearing soft and clean. The beautiful pearl white color is prominent in weddings but many businesses use ivory to soften color palettes and suggest a feeling of calm. We have paper products and plastics in a large variety of sizes, shapes and materials available to help your customers achieve their goals.
  • We sell both round and square paper plates to add an artistic touch to the tables. Stack the square plates under or on top of the round dishes for a stylish look. Rotate the square plate for visual contrast. Mix other solid colors with the Ivory bulk supplies to match printed theme tableware or to liven up the venue.
  • We offer premium wholesale napkin choices in the Ivory paper products that create multiple design options for clients. The dinner napkin offers a pleasing formal shape for receptions or dining. The versatile and disposable guest towel can be stocked in powder rooms as well as set on the table. Wrap the larger lunch napkin around cutlery, or roll and secure the napkin with a business logo band or fancy ribbon.
  • The Ivory bulk supplies make choosing cutlery simple. Determine the quantity of people you are serving and order the disposable cutlery in the assortment package with forks, spoons and knives for 8 guests, or purchase larger quantities in increments of 50 pieces for bigger crowds and dedicated uses. For wedding receptions that focus on serving cake, ordering only forks in wholesale quantities makes better business sense.
  • The plastic Touch of Color items in Ivory will add a pleasing shine and glimmer to the event. The 12 ounce bowls are perfect for serving party dips, showcasing wedding buttermints or passing out badges or nametags. The plastic dessert and dinner size plates are sturdy enough for heavier meals or buffet service. The 12 ounce and 16 ounce plastic cups can be filled with larger cold drinks for celebrations. Many of the plastics are #6 recyclable.
  • Tablecovers can be purchased in a variety of materials and shapes and all are disposable for easy clean-up. Drape oblong banquet tables, round tables, or add a tableskirt to event display areas or stages. Tablecover items are constructed of plastic or durable paper with a protective plastic lining. The Ivory bulk products also include 100 foot long plastic table rolls to dress up multiple surfaces for any occasion.
  • The Ivory wholesale bulk supplies feature decorative paper products to enhance any occasion or event. The streamer adds entertainment and style to rooms plus the creamy shade highlights and calms busy ensemble patterns, adds a romantic touch to venues and perks up dark areas. The decorative placemats with scalloped edging are ideal for making place settings pleasing to the eye at banquets or receptions or for covering trays in cafeterias or food service for hotels.

Touch of Color Ivory Bulk Supplies are Winners Every Time!

Experience the performance and quality in wholesale paper products that means superior value and satisfaction for customers. The Ivory collection in the Touch of Color inventory is just one example of the values we hold and our insistence on providing all customers first class service and supplies.
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