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Wholesale Solid Color Paper Placemats

Solid Color Paper & Plastic Placemats

Choose from a Bounty of Colors when Picking Solid Colored Placemats

Whether you're seeking a pop of color or a way to protect your tabletops from mess, our collection of solid-colored paper and plastic placemats will add style and function to your tables. Our solid placemats are ideal for restaurants, businesses, weddings, and catered events. With several styles including straight edge, scalloped, and embossed, we're sure to have a disposable paper or plastic solid color placemat to fit your needs. Not to mention, we offer nearly 50 colors of placemats, so you can mix and match with the rest of your tabletop.

White Paper Placemats 600 ct

Classic Scalloped Placemat 1,000 ct

Homespun Placemat 1,000 ct

Dubonnet Placemat 1,000 ct

Knurl Embossed Scalloped Placemat 1,000 ct

Anniversary Placemat 1,000 ct

Classic Embossed Placemat 1,000 ct

10" x 14" Normandy Embossed Lace Scalloped White Paper Placemats 1,000 ct

Black Velvet Paper Placemats 600 ct

Black Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Shimmering Silver Paper Place Mats 600 ct

Glittering Gold Paper Placemats 600 ct

Glittering Gold Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Ecru Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Beige Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Classic Pink Paper Placemats 600 ct

Pink Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Dusty Rose Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Candy Pink Paper Placemats 600 ct

Burgundy Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Classic Red Paper Placemats 600 ct

Red Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Sunkissed Orange Paper Placemats 600 ct

10" x 14" Scalloped Bittersweet Orange Paper Placemats 1,000 ct

School Bus Yellow Paper Placemats 600 ct

10" x 14" Scalloped Sun Yellow Paper Placemats 1,000 ct

Emerald Green Paper Placemats 600 ct

Jade Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Hunter Green Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Pastel Blue Paper Placemats 600 ct

Marina Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Teal Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Cobalt Blue Placemats Paper 600 ct

Navy Paper Placemats 600 ct

Navy Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Purple Paper Placemats 600 ct

Purple Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

Chocolate Economy Placemat 1,000 ct

FashnPoint Natural Burlap Printed Placemats 750 ct

Red Glitz Placemat with Glitter Border 96 ct

Silver Glitter Placemats with Glitter Border 96 ct

Glitz Gold Placemat with Glitter Border 96 ct

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