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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Fresh Lime tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Fresh Lime Party Supplies

Focus On Our Competitive Wholesale Pricing On The Fresh Lime Bulk Package Products!

Stay on trend with what is hot! The clean, crisp, citrusy color of Fresh Lime has become a popular party color, especially when mixed with black and white; the neutral background really makes the citrus color pop! The Fresh Lime color option, from our Touch of Color brand, offers an array of products sold in bulk packaging at competitive wholesale pricing to suit anyone's needs, whether you are a restaurateur, caterer, or event planner preparing for large scale entertaining or hosting, or a retailer wanting to boost sales by merchandising your shelves with hot products that are new on the market. All of our products are sold in retail ready packaging.

Feel The Vibe With Fresh Lime Products Sold In Convenient Bulk Packaging At Wholesale Prices!

Our Fresh Lime color is a refreshing alternative to the typical selection when shopping for party products! It is vibrant and energetic. Use Fresh Lime as your primary party color. It is also a wonderful accent color for a black and white affair, or coordinate it to a printed ensemble. At, we sell our Fresh Lime products in bulk quantities by the case at competitive prices that you will appreciate!

Our selection of Fresh Lime products includes both disposable paper and plastic products. Our plastic cups, bowls, and plates are made of recyclable #6 plastic which is increasingly being accepted in local neighborhood and curbside recycling programs. We offer both traditional round and contemporary square shaped plates in several sizes, four varieties of napkins with 2-ply or 3-ply construction, three sizes of beverage cups, bowls, paper placemats, and plastic cutlery. Anchor the table settings and decorations with coordinating tablecovers. We offer three different options: standard rectangular to fit banquet size tables, our popular trademarked Octy-Round shape which measures 82 inches in diameter to fit circular tables, and a convenient 100' roll of plastic table covering that can be cut to the exact size needed!

At, we pride ourselves on our superior products made with the only the finest materials. And our color match assurance guarantee means that you get products whose color stays true from package to package! Make THE source for all your entertaining needs!

Our customers include wedding planners, event coordinators, caterers, restaurant and bakery owners, and businesses who offer 'party packages' for large groups, often geared towards children's birthdays, such as aquariums, zoos, skating rinks, and gymnastic centers. The Fresh Lime color can also be utilized at events, such as a convention, charity fundraising gala, or graduation celebration, where lime green is one of the colors in the company's logo, the charity's insignia or the school's colors. We also are a wholesale resource for retailers who resell our party products.

At, what do we offer our customers?
  • Larger quantities of the products you want in bulk packaging that are sold conveniently by the case at wholesale prices.
  • Products that have gone through a comprehensive testing process to test their strength and durability.
  • Eco-friendly recyclable #6 plastic cups, bowls and plates. This type of recyclable plastic is increasingly becoming more accepted in curbside and neighborhood recycling programs.
  • The Fresh Lime color stays true, product to product, and package to package, with our color match guarantee.
  • And for resale retailers we offer products that arrive in retail ready packaging for immediate merchandising on store shelves and trending colors will drive regular and seasonal sales.

The Fresh Lime Party Products Add A Punch Of Color To Any Event!

Whether it is your primary party color, used as an accent color, or coordinated with a printed ensemble, you cannot deny the energy that the Fresh Lime color will add to any event! Part of our Touch of Color brand, the Fresh Lime collection includes all the necessary products to get basic party planning underway.
  • Fresh Lime Plastic and Paper Disposable Tablecovers and Skirting:
    We offer three different options for tablecoverings. Our convenient 100 foot plastic table roll can simply be rolled out over whatever surface needs covering and cut to size! We also have standard rectangular tablecovers, measuring 54" wide x 108" long, in either plastic, or paper with a plastic lining. Our Octy-Round size measures 82" in diameter and is designed for circular tables. A plastic pleated tableskirt is also available; it measures 29" in height x 14' long.
  • Fresh Lime Disposable Paper Placemats:
    The disposable paper placemats measure 13.375" wide x 9.50" high and have a decorative scalloped edge. Sold in a package of 50, with 12 packages in a case, for a total count of 600.
  • Fresh Lime Disposable Paper and Plastic Plates:
    Select from round or square, disposable paper or plastic. Available are round 7", 9", and 10.25" paper and plastic plates. Or select our contemporary square shaped plates in both 7" and 9" sizes. The 7" plates are sized for snacks, appetizers, and dessert. The 9" plates hold larger portions of food and work well for serving sandwiches, salads, and entrιe items. The 10.25" plate is sized for full meals.
  • Fresh Lime Disposable Plastic Bowls:
    We offer 12 ounce plastic bowls that have a 1.5 cup capacity. The elevated rim has an embossed border for additional detailing. The bowls are sold 20 per package; 12 packages per case.
  • Fresh Lime Disposable Paper and Plastic Cups:
    Choose the drink cups that best suit your needs. We have Fresh Lime paper cups with a white rim and interior. The cups can be used for both hot and cold beverage service. Sold in a package of 20; 12 packages per case. Or, choose 12 or 16 ounce plastic cups, whose tapered shape makes them easy to hold. 20 per package; 12 packages per case.
  • Fresh Lime Disposable Paper Napkins:
    We offer 2-ply beverage, lunch, and dinner napkins, which are sold in a bulk package of 50, with 12 packages per case. Our 3-ply guest towels are ultra soft, plush, and absorbent. They can be used as disposable hand towels in restrooms and powder rooms, or serve as a heavy duty dinner napkin. They are sold 16 per package; 12 packages per case.
  • Fresh Lime Cutlery:
    Our cutlery is sold in a bulk package of 50; 12 packages per case. Select forks, spoons, or knives, depending on what your specific usage is. Cutlery can also be ordered in the assortment package with forks, spoons and knives for 8 guests. Assorted cutlery comes 24 pieces per package; 12 packages per case.
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