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For modern appeal at budget friendly prices, shop our Chocolate Brown tableware products from the Touch of Color collection.

Chocolate Brown Party Supplies

Rich Chocolate Brown Wholesale Supplies for all Seasons!

Who says Chocolate Brown is seasonal? Yes, the warm rich shade instantly inspires cozy thoughts but the neutral earth tones can prove to be a real trend setter when combined with an array of various colors! Event planners, coffee bars, caterers, retail store owners and more will be pleased to find that our deluxe wholesale disposable products in Chocolate Brown are just the right shade for entertaining purposes any time of the year!

Give your Business a Warm Makeover with Rich Chocolate Brown Wholesale Supplies!

Nothing says the feeling of warmth and comfort like the rich color of Chocolate Brown does! For anyone in the party business, this down-to-earth shade can offer customers a unique color versatility that is suitable in conventional settings like cozy restaurants and coffee service bars to more sophisticated galas like formal weddings. With Chocolate Brown disposable products in bulk, entertaining possibilities are absolutely endless! Check out how some customers in the entertaining business have used their Chocolate Brown supplies:
  • For the outdoor wedding we mixed the bulk Chocolate Brown tableware with crisp white tablecovers and green accents for a natural earthy atmosphere. The wholesale pricing was competitive and allowed our party planner to stay within our budget.
  • Our coffee bar looks so welcoming drenched in rich shades of disposable Chocolate Brown napkins and we love that they come in bulk packages that allow for simple re-stock in our restaurant. The coordinating square paper plate gives our pastry selections a trendy backdrop that keeps our customer’s coming back for more.
  • Dad’s 80th birthday had a handsome presentation all dressed in shades of Chocolate Brown and blue tones. All the bulk disposable paper products were budget friendly, quick to set up and easy to tear down making the clean-up at the banquet hall an absolute breeze!

Wholesale Chocolate Brown is sold in Retail Friendly Bulk Packages!

Event planners and business owners will love the versatility of the Chocolate Brown supplies and if you’re working with a limited budget or looking for a profit margin, the competitive wholesale pricing is a welcoming feature that is sure to satisfy.
  • Chocolate brown paper plates come in round style banquet, dinner and dessert sizes and feature a durable concave surface that will keep hot and cold entrees in place. Disposable square paper plates in the same rich shade can be mixed in with the round plates for an artistic flair.
  • The recyclable plastic plates are also designed in round banquet, dinner and dessert sizes to serve an array of entrιes, finger foods and desserts that are not hot. The plastic plates are sleek and shiny and feature a decorative edge for a classy appeal.
  • Chocolate Brown plastic bowls is the perfect solution for serving anything that needs to be contained such as dips to accompany vegetable and fruit platters.
  • The 9 ounce Chocolate Brown disposable paper cup is the answer to serving both hot and cold drink choices, making it a smart business choice!
  • Recyclable plastic cups are sold in bulk packages of 12 and 16 ounce and will dress up any beverage being served with a uniform look to all the bulk disposable table ware. The plastic Chocolate Brown cups are easy for guests to hold onto with the tapered shape and easy grip.
  • Complement all the tableware with bulk packages of Chocolate Brown cutlery available in assorted sets and individual collections.

No Matter what your Business is, the Chocolate Brown Wholesale Napkins are Essential!

The bulk Chocolate Brown disposable paper napkins come in a multitude of shapes and sizes to fit every entertaining budget. Each bulk package of luxurious napkins features a classy coin-edge design on the edges and a color match guarantee that is unsurpassable.

Our vast selection of Chocolate Brown disposable paper and plastic party ware is manufactured with unbeatable color uniformity in every bulk package produced and with competitive wholesale pricing, these versatile supplies are sure to satisfy anyone in the party business. Mix bulk Chocolate Brown with pink shades for a modern day feminine twist or try it with one of our many green shades in the Touch of Color bulk collection for an organic, earthy appeal. These wholesale napkins come in the following varieties:
  • 3 ply guest towels are durable napkins that come folded into a 4 3/8 x 7 7/8 inch rectangular shape and adds an elegant touch to a venue’s powder room.
  • 2 ply dinner napkins Dinner napkins have a handsome appeal and at a place setting especially when utensils are wrapped and tied with a decorative accent.
  • 2 ply lunch napkins are sturdy and work best for the lighter meals, appetizer bars and dessert areas.
  • 2 ply beverage napkins are sized perfectly at 5 inches square for serving drinks and cocktails and coffee service.

Wholesale Chocolate Brown Tablecover Choices has your Party Business Covered in Style!

Our vast selection of bulk tablecover choices from our Touch of Color wholesale collection will dress your business for success. Choose from an array of sizes and shapes in disposable plastics and linen-like paper material to fit any size table.
  • Plastic tablecovers are available in rectangular and round shapes while our Chocolate Brown 100 foot plastic roll will allow you cut a tablecover at any length.
  • Proudly made in the USA, our Chocolate Brown paper tablecovers feature a plastic backing and come in round and rectangle options.
Wrap up the event tables with a coordinating tableskirt then top it off with a disposable Chocolate Brown paper placemat and layer the whole scene with bulk supplies to welcome any large scale event in sophisticated style!
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