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Wholesale Paper Straws

Paper Drinking Straws

Add Pizzazz to Any Event with Bulk Paper Straws Party Supplies!

Pull out all the stops so guests can enjoy their refreshments in entertaining style with our wholesale Party Straws party supplies. Our sturdy white, black and colorfully printed paper straws are biodegradable and manufactured with FDA approved materials using non-toxic food safe dyes. Customers will appreciate a disposable, safety conscious product designed for use by event planners, restaurants, zoos, theme parks, hospitals, hotels, airports and more. Achieve the look you want with our exciting and eco-friendly Paper Straws bulk party supplies.

7.75" White Paper Straws 4,800 ct

8.5" Giant White Paper Straws 1,500 ct

5.75" White Wrapped Paper Straws 3,200 ct

7.75" White Wrapped Paper Straws 3,200 ct

5.5" Black Cocktail Paper Straws 5,250 ct

7.75" Black Paper Straws 4,800 ct

7.75" Black Wrapped Paper Straws 3,200 ct

Assorted Color Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

8.5" Giant Red & White Stripe Paper Straws 1,500 ct

Classic Red and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Black and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Silver and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Gold and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Classic Pink and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Candy Pink and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

School Bus Yellow and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Sunkissed Orange and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Mint Green and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Fresh Lime and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Pastel Blue and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Teal Lagoon Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Cobalt Blue and White Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Amethyst Purple Striped Flex Paper Straws 144 ct

Iridescent Party Paper Straws 144 ct

Atlanta Falcons Paper Straws 144 ct

Baltimore Ravens Paper Straws 144 ct

Carolina Panthers Paper Straws 144 ct

Chicago Bears Paper Straws 144 ct

Dallas Cowboys Paper Straws 144 ct

Denver Broncos Paper Straws 144 ct

Detroit Lions Paper Straws 144 ct

Green Bay Packers Paper Straws 144 ct

Houston Texans Paper Straws 144 ct

Minnesota Vikings Paper Straws 144 ct

New England Patriots Paper Straws 144 ct

Las Vegas Raiders Paper Straws 144 ct

Philadelphia Eagles Paper Straws 144 ct

Pittsburgh Steelers Paper Straws 144 ct

San Francisco 49ers Paper Straws 144 ct

Seattle Seahawks Paper Straws 144 ct

Tennessee Titans Paper Straws 144 ct

Dolly Parton Paper Straws, Assorted 144 ct

Make a Practical, Smart Choice and Purchase Colorful and Whimsical Bulk Paper Straws Party Supplies

Embrace an exciting and creative decorating trend and add wholesale Paper Straws party supplies to your product inventory. We are proud to offer a wonderful earth-friendly selection of disposable bulk paper straws that are appropriate for multiple occasions and venues as well as being a product with creative design possibilities. Clients will appreciate your approach to caring for the environment while selling a high quality, cost-effective item. Check out the following smart reasons to move away from plastic and give our wholesale paper straws a whirl.
  1. Made in the USA
  2. Manufactured using FDA approved food safe dyes
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Compostable
  5. 100% chlorine free
  6. Disposable for easy clean-up
  7. Colorful stripe design colors from which to choose
  8. Sold in bulk quantities for easy storage
  9. Retail-friendly inner packaging
  10. Did we say Earth-friendly?!
  11. Wholesale Pricing

Creative Ways to Display and Use the Wholesale Paper Straws Party Supplies

  • Display colorful handfuls of disposable paper straws in vases, bottles, mason jars or tall glasses. Stage the container in easy to reach locations at cocktail or coffee bars, cafeteria or deli counters or near buffet beverage service. There is something attractive and fun about the geometric display of stripes and colors which makes customers more likely to use the product. Plus, when placed upright in a container add height and balance to tables or counters making them more appealing. Our selection of striped colors allows businesses to display straws that complement seasons, holidays, themes, etc.
  • For a large wedding reception with assigned seating create escort cards using coordinating wholesale paper straws. Attach a decorative flag or tag with each guest's table number, insert the straw in a pre-made beverage, embellished Styrofoam base or tiny living plant and place at the reception entrance. As guests arrive, they discover a fun and exciting way to locate their table.
  • For party planners and caterers the Paper Straws bulk party supplies help create entertaining dessert displays. The thick and sturdy paper straws can be used like sticks for displaying cake pops or marshmallow pops. Miniature cupcakes can be frosted and decorated then placed closely together on trays. Cut the bulk paper straws in half and insert one in each cupcake. When the tray is passed around guests will grab a straw and not touch the other treats, keeping service sanitary. Or use them to help dip large marshmallows in melted chocolate and then candy sprinkles. Set on waxed paper to dry and display on small doilies on trays, tables or in display cases. Use the straws as sticks for baked cake pops decorated to reflect sports team or school colors for banquets. Stand a group of cake pops upright in a deep vase or container for guests and the treat will look like antenna balls.
  • Coordinate the striped Paper Straws bulk party supplies with themes or seasonal celebrations. Mix the orange striped and black striped straws on the table for Halloween. Christmas celebrations are enhanced with the green or red striped designs. Baby showers can use the pale blue or pink straws and patriotic barbeques can mix the red and true blue striped straws. Put out brightly colored straws, like bright green or mimosa yellow, for a summer celebration or tropical luau party. The candy pink striped straws complement a Sweet Sixteen party or combine the bright pink with black striped straws for a woman's over-the-hill bash. Endless ideas!

Smart Reasons Why We Sell Disposable Paper Straws Party Supplies

You've made an excellent choice to purchase and sell or use our paper straws--here are some reasons why:
  1. The earth-friendly paper straws will take much less time to decompose in compost facilities than plastic and won't leach harmful chemicals into landfills with decomposition.
  2. Paper straws are disposable which makes clean-up simpler. Paper straws are sanitary--use once and throw away.
  3. Many zoos and animal parks are switching to paper straws because animals can choke on the plastic if the product makes its way into enclosures.
  4. Some dentists recommend straws for young children so sugary liquids do less harm to tooth enamel.
  5. Our paper straws are made in the USA with FDA approved materials that contain only food safe inks or dyes. No harmful chemicals to taint the environment or to harm people.
  6. We are proud to offer one stop shopping for party supplies. Get everything you need for celebrations or events, even eco-friendly products, on our website. Our excellent customer service team is ready to assist!

The Wholesale Paper Straws Party Supplies are a Winning Choice

Use the paper straws as intended or be creative and transform them into something wonderful. Our whimsical, colorful earth friendly disposable paper straws are a great choice with a powerful impact.
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