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Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System
Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser SystemEarthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System

Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System

Item Number: HF-884465
Package/Case Count:
1 / 1
16"H x 9"W x 11"D
$165.95 per unit

Product Description
Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, the Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System combines the need for hygienic dispensing with sustainable, compostable cutlery to provide a superior operator and patron experience. The Earthwise Dispenser System is sustainable, reduces waste and creates a sanitary environment for your customers all in one package that will elevate your space. The initial dispenser kit order contains all components upfront including Earthwise wood forks, knives and spoons that are designed specifically for this system.* There are no levers or buttons so there is a huge reduction in cross-contamination from user to user, patrons simply grab cutlery by the handle and go! The unit does not jam or clog and takes up minimal counter space. With wholesale pricing and bulk quantities, our Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System is perfect for event planners and caterers alike.

*Kit includes dispenser with fork, knife and spoon cartridges plus 1-100 count bag of wood cutlery per utensil with loading instructions.
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