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Space Blast

Space Blast Party Supplies

Wholesale Space Blast Party Supplies Are Out Of This World

Countdown to fun with wonderful bulk Space Blast tableware that will have children and adults marveling at the wonders of the universe. A rocket blasts through a background shimmering with stars, colorful planets, and beautiful nebulae. Bulk Space Blast party supplies are ideal for catered birthdays, theme park concessions, school event banquets, and outer space themed celebrations. Start with disposable plates, napkins and cups then round out the fun with loot bags, hats, and blowouts. Wholesale pricing offers an economical choice for retailers, party planners, and businesses. Shoot for the stars with our amazing disposable Space Blast tableware.

Tips For Entertaining With Bulk Space Blast Party Supplies

Take any celebration, event, or gathering to the outer limits with stunning disposable Space Blast tableware. The dazzling outer space image on the plates, napkins, and cups will inspire guests and patrons to dream of a journey to the stars. The following ideas should make the adventure even more fun and memorable.

Decorations That Complement Wholesale Space Blast Tableware

A star-studded background sparkles behind a rocket ship and planets accented by the perfect mix of colors to brighten any occasion or celebration. Stock up on wholesale solid colored tableware and accessories to accent these outer space party supplies.
  • Fiery red, orange, and yellow details light up the background on the bulk Space Blast party supplies. Set out plastic bowls in orange or red and fill them with colorful candies such as gumballs, Skittles, or m&ms. These bowls can even be placed in the center of the theme dinner plate and used for individual servings of salad or ice cream. Layer plates at place settings by starting with a charger, or a large solid colored banquet plate under the dinner plate. Roll a theme napkin around orange cutlery and tie with an orange ribbon to set on top of the stack.
  • Another fun way to introduce accent colors to this outer space collection is with streamers and balloons. Gently twist red, yellow, and blue streamers and hang across windows, counters, ceilings, or doors. Hang the tablecover from the bulk Space Blast party supplies across a blank wall. Hang different colored streamers from the ceiling and pull to one side like a curtain. The star studded background can be the showcase for photos, props, or favors. Wholesale balloons can be inflated with helium and left to float on the ceiling of an indoor venue. It might be fun to suspend small, shiny star shapes from a string attached to the balloon. For children’s activities, fill balloons with air and have kids sit on and pop a balloon as part of an obstacle course.
  • The disposable outer space party supplies will look even more awesome when there are planets, stars, and rockets dangling from the ceiling, windows, or archways. Styrofoam balls, cardboard cutouts, and paints are easy to purchase and can be set out as crafts for kids to complete. Make banners with painted cutouts of objects seen in space strung along ribbons or strings. For darkened rooms consider glow-in-the-dark items for some extra entertainment.

Foods Fit For Astronauts Looks Great On Disposable Outer Space Party Supplies

Serve up wonderful and delicious food for patrons and guests and present the goodies on disposable dishes from the bulk Space Blast tableware collection. Sometimes, all that is needed is a fancy name for food and guests will eat it up. Try some of these fun favorites:
  • Candies such as Mars bars, Milky Way, and Starburst
  • Moon Pizzas made from English muffin halves, pizza sauce, and fixings
  • Little Dippers—chicken nuggets, vegetables or chips with dips
  • Moon Rocks—popcorn and caramel corn mixed together
  • Rocket Fuel—fruit punch with dollops of sherbet floating on top
  • Samples of real space food such as Astronaut Ice Cream
With a little creativity and wholesale space party supplies and tableware every celebration will be a blast!
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