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Wedding Napkins on a Budget

Wedding Napkins on a Budget

Wedding napkins on cake table

Wedding Napkins on a Budget

Weddings are such wonderful, life-changing events but they are also, unfortunately, associated with stress. Everyone wants everything to turn out just right and at we understand customer concerns and want to help make the occasion as perfect and as stress-free as possible. Sharing tips with customers and clients imparts the knowledge and strategies to help make any event run more smoothly.

How to Keep To The Budget

Whether you are a DIY bride, wedding planner, or wedding venue it is important to have a fairly accurate head count for the reception. RSVPs should have been returned and, as in most cases, it is prudent to plan on a few more guests than too few. Brides need to be aware that there may be limits to how many people certain venues can seat or accommodate and event planners should communicate this information if needed.

So, now that there is a confirmed head count, consider the budgeted amount that can be spent on all aspects of the celebration and break it down. Napkins and other tableware items are important factors to consider, so try to isolate an amount just for napkins. There are plenty of resources available to help figure out where money should be spent. Consider bridal magazines, books, or even the internet where you might find a downloadable budget calculator.

If working with the bride and groom or their families to stay within budget, keep them in the loop at all times and have options and backup ideas if needed. Spending more money on supplies is not always a comfortable option, so work with the customer and try to make ends meet.

Types Of Napkins For The Reception

Paper napkins are always going to be cheaper than real linen and less fuss in the long run. They are disposable so there are no laundry or damage fees. Bulk quantities are easier to distribute and store because cases are filled with wrapped inner packages within the box. Plus, with paper napkins there is more of a variety from which to choose.
  • 1-ply and 2-ply napkins are the cheapest of the paper selections, but they may not be absorbent enough for the main course or some foods. The 2-ply napkins would work best for the cocktail or coffee bar where the servings are small, spills are smaller, and the amount of time needed to use the napkin is less. Guests use the napkin and then throw it away, hardly taking the time to look at it. These are the perfect spots to use coordinating solid colors which are less expensive than printed design napkins.
  • 3-ply napkins are the best choice for utility and absorbency. This paper napkin type is better used for the main course served at the reception, whether it is a sit down meal or buffet style because the napkins are bigger you will need less per guest. Choose a square 1/4 fold or a rectangular 1/8 fold style, depending on your preference. Plan for 1 or 2 napkins per guest.
  • If you still want to upgrade and the budget allows, we offer a Linen-Like napkin that is soft and absorbent and looks and feels like real linen. These napkins are higher quality, made from an airlaid material, and are durable enough for an entire meal. These are still cheaper than real linen and are easier to clean up, but are just as elegant. Set them out with the main course only—guests will love the quality and feel.

How To Add Elegance And Stay Within Budget

  • Arrange beverage napkins in pleasing way. Fan them out on the dessert table, place them in rows, or gently twist a stack so individual napkins show. These methods make it easier to pick up just one. Place them in pretty baskets all over the room or venue so guests do not have to search for them.
  • Get some napkins monogrammed with the couple's initials but not all of them. Remember, people tend to use and throw napkins away. Personalization might be a better budget choice if it is done on favors or souvenirs that guests can take home.
  • Use absorbent paper guest towels in the powder rooms and place them in a decorative container. They are cheaper than real towels, very soft, pleasing to the eye, and disposable.
  • Consider a basic napkin fold for the larger paper napkins and set them on the plate or next to the plate. Again, use a simple fold technique because it will be less time consuming and the pretty arrangement shows that you care about the guests’ experience.
  • Roll napkins and tie with a ribbon and add a sprig of greenery or a small flower or favor—an instant, delicate eye pleaser.
  • Add elegance with color. offers over 30 different colors of napkins and introducing a pop of color affects the mood of guests and brightens everything up. Color matching and consistency between napkin styles assures that different sized napkins will be the same tone or shade.

Simple Ideas For Cutting Down On Waste

Guests tend to grab more than they need, especially when it comes to a stack of napkins. Try some of these ideas to keep guests from using more than is necessary and to make the experience budget friendly.
  • Place napkins in pretty arrangements. When they are separated and spread out guests are more likely to pick just one.
  • When serving drinks, have a server pass out one napkin with each drink. Or use the beverage napkin like a coaster and set the napkin out with the glass or cup on top for the customer to pick up.
  • Set the table with napkins and utensils for each guest, instead of having a basket or dispenser on the table.
  • Pre-wrap cutlery in napkins for the table or buffet service. Tie with a ribbon that matches the bride's wedding colors.
  • Set out smaller stacks of napkins and have someone restock them as needed.

Why Buying In Bulk Saves prides itself in making quality products for customers and clients and offering them at affordable and competitive market prices. By purchasing napkins in wholesale quantities for a wedding reception you enjoy so many benefits and perks.
  1. Generous case quantities
  2. Inner packaging for easier distribution and storage
  3. Competitive prices across the market so you get the best deal
  4. Customer care included with every purchase—friendly, helpful staff
  5. Paper goods in bulk are disposable or recyclable
  6. Color consistency between cases and styles of napkins
  7. Guaranteed superior quality products and performance
Just because you are on a budget does not mean you need to sacrifice the quality of napkins used at the reception. can help you stick to your budget and have time to enjoy the main focus of the celebration, the new bride and groom.

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