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Wholesale Disposable Doilies Buying Guide

Wholesale Disposable Doilies Buying Guide

Decorative Paper Doilies Add Traditional Elegance

Appetizers displayed on doily
Doilies are ornamental mats that are constructed from paper or fabric and predominantly used for protecting surfaces as well as food service presentation. It's so easy to accent display cases, pastries, and tabletops with decorative doilies that add a delicate appearance to any number of events and occasions. Restaurants, bakeries, caterers, wedding planners, and home hostesses alike can add simple elegance to delicious sweets or table displays with the addition of these traditional accessories. Our wholesale disposable doilies are a perfectly acceptable alternative to crocheted linen doilies and can provide the same look with no worries over laundry costs or damage.

Patrons and party guests will appreciate the attention to detail when ornate doilies are used as accent pieces.Our doily shapes include oval and round shapes with beautiful decorative edges. Some feature eye-catching embossed patterns with delicate floral images, while others include lace-inspired edges with solid centers. Also available is a medley of colorful options, disposable paper doilies work great for seasonal occasions when you need to add a splash of color to a dining table, bakery window, or catered affair.

Our beautiful disposable doily designs include:

  • Rose Linen -- Our rose design features rosebuds and greenery atop a textured backdrop that resembles linen.
  • Cambridge Lace -- The Cambridge design features an edge that resembles traditional crocheted lace around a crisp solid center.
  • French Lace -- The French design features a crocheted-like edge surrounding a center that resembles embossed linen.
  • Kenmore Lace -- The Kenmore features an elegant crocheted-like edge surrounding a solid center.

We offer wholesale disposable doilies in the following sizes:

  • 4 inch and 5 inch -- Ideal for serving as coasters or as the backdrop to a centerpiece featuring a simple bud vase filled with delicate flowers.
  • 6 inch and 8 inch -- Perfect for dressing up desserts, pastries, and specialty coffee drinks or teas. The 6-inch doily fits nicely atop a standard dessert plate.
  • 10 inch and 12 inch --The larger sizes serve as a great protective barrier against spills and stains on table linens and tabletops when used as a charger. They also work well as an accent backdrop for beautiful cakes and pies.
Desserts displayed on gold doilies

Traditional and Modern Uses for Disposable Paper Doilies:

  • Line the bottom of bakery boxes filled with pies, cakes, cookies, and doughnuts.
  • Place under plates on a dining table as a decorative accent in place of more expensive chargers.
  • Use under food dishes during buffet service applications. The larger size works great under entrees and smaller options can highlight condiments, dressings, and sauces.
  • Line serving and wait staff trays with disposable doilies to add a crisp, clean appearance.
  • Exhibit baked goods in style in the bakery window or display case. The colored options will even allow for seasonal presentations.
  • Folded over a cord and secured with double-sided tape, doilies can be made into a pretty garland for a wedding.
  • Fashion a tablerunner out of the decorative lace doilies with a little glue and double-sided tape.
  • Construct confetti holders out of doilies by rolling a linen design doily into a cone shape, securing with tape, and filling with confetti or bird seed. This is perfect for weddings.
  • Create beautiful luminaries by wrapping mason jars with lace-like doilies, accenting with ribbon, and inserting a tea light.
  • Craft an elegant and classy cutlery bundle at catered events by wrapping utensils in a decorative doily and securing with ribbon.

Disposable Doilies vs. Cloth

There are many advantages to using our high-quality bulk paper doilies over real cloth. Disposable lace doilies have the appearance of real linen without any worries over damage. The paper lace doilies can simply be thrown away or recycled at the end of the event, ultimately saving money on laundering fees and expensive replacement costs from stains or damage. Paper doilies are sold at competitive wholesale prices in large case counts that are perfect for businesses such as bakeries, coffee houses, and caterers. Each lace design doily is constructed of medium weight paper that makes them easier than real linen to store and keep well stocked. When you are in the business of presenting delicacies and desserts, decorative doilies are the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful creations!

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

Abigail Seattle, WA

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