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Christmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Folded napkins can add instant panache, polish, and intrigue to any tabletop, but learning intricate napkin folds can seem intimidating and time consuming. Luckily, we’ve made napkin folding simple with our easy-to-follow napkin folding tutorials and step-by-step videos.

Our Christmas Tree Napkin is a beautiful and festive addition to your holiday table. Impress your guests with an added touch of holiday cheer with the simple to create Christmas Tree Napkin. You'll be impressed at how easy it is to create stunning folded napkin designs.

The Christmas Tree napkin fold is the perfect complement to a holiday table. Truly wow friends and family with this festive fold.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Place napkin so that a corner points to the top of the table
  2. Fold the first bottom layer up toward the top
  3. Fold second layer up
  4. Fold third layer up
  5. Fold the fourth layer up
  6. Flip napkin over
  7. Fold right side to the middle so the right corner folds to the top left side
  8. Fold other side to the middle to create a triangle shape
  9. Fold top three layers down and flip over to create a triangle
  10. Tuck each layer under
  11. Alternative: flip each layer up and tuck for a textured look
  12. Place on plate and enjoy!
About the Napkin: White Better than Linen Dinner Napkins Catering Pack

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The White Better than Linen Dinner Napkins Catering Pack are all occasion white napkins that can be used by food service businesses such as restaurants and bakeries, or by event planners and caterers for use at weddings, charity events, birthday parties, company conventions and more. The napkins are ultra soft, noticeably thicker and have the look and feel of real linen but are conveniently disposable. These napkins are perfect for napkin folding and creating festive folds for your patrons and guests.

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

Abigail – Seattle, WA

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