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Dessert and Pastry Case Display Ideas

Dessert and Pastry Case Display Ideas

Dessert Display Ideas

Dessert and pastry displays
When it comes to tasty treats at bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, visuals are just as important as taste. Customers love peering into glass display cases at the rows of colorful macarons, perfectly shaped cookies, drool-worthy croissants, and meticulously decorated cakes.That's why it's essential to present a baked goods display case that's meticulously styled and curated.

Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to give your pastry display case serious curb appeal with help from our wholesale doilies, bake cups, loaf pans, and napkins!

Pastry Display Case Design Ideas

  • Group similar items together in your display cases. Cookies go together, cupcakes go to together, and macarons go together. This will help customers see all flavor options and make decisions.
  • Use food cards to label each baked good in the case. Include flavors and any special dietary specifications, such as gluten free.
  • For a clean look, use all white trays, plates, and stands. This will help your baked goods pop!
  • Keep things visually interesting by varying the size, shape, and height of trays, plates, and cake stands. Cake stands of varying heights are perfect for adding visual appeal.
  • Highlight the day's specials by pulling them out of the case and presenting them on the counter top with cake stands covered with glass domes.

Doilies and Tray Liners

Our wholesale disposable doilies offer a classic way to present pastries. Available in an assortment of sizes, designs, and colors, doilies provide a touch of elegance while offering a crisp backdrop for baked goods. Doilies can be used under plates, trays, or cake stands. Or, you can use them on top of plates, trays, and cake stands as a liner. Glassine doilies are grease resistant and are the best for using under baked goods. Individual portions can be served on a doily placed on a plate. A slice of cake or a cookie will certainly pop in a display case when presented on a bright, lacy doily.

If you're looking for simple tray liners without the frills of the doily, check out our wholesale serving and baking liners. Our glassine tray liners feature grease-resistant properties, which make them perfect for displaying baked goods. Please note that that glassine is for display purposes only and not for use in the oven. Learn more about glassine here.

Bake Cups and Loaf Pans

When it comes to cupcakes and muffins, our assortment of wholesale bake cups has you covered.Wholesale bake cups are a quick way to bake up sweets and take from pan to plate with ease.

Our solid color bake cups, available in white, pastels, and gold or silver foil, are a year-round staple for cafes, bakeries, and restaurants.The crisp, neutral look of solid color baking cups helps your pastries shine.

For seasonal baking or for festive occasions, select from polka dot, striped, shaped, or accented baking cups. The playful design and shape of these baking cups offers a fun presentation to cupcakes and muffins. Use standing alone on plates, dessert stands, or in cupcake holders.

Loaf pan liners are an additional way to serve in-house or sell to-go baked goods, including sweet or savory breads and coffee cakes. Loaf liners offer an easy way to transport baked goods and add charm to bakery cases.

Colorful Napkins

You can create visual interest in your pastry display case on a dime with layered wholesale paper napkins. Choose from a rainbow of assorted colors to create the color combination ideal for the venue or the season. Red and green napkins layered beneath a white frosted cupcake are perfect for Christmas. Mix blue and white beverage napkins topped with a red velvet cupcake for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Cover the bottom of a display case with assorted napkins in pastels for spring. Treats can also be served to guests atop a colorful napkin.

With these ideas and tips, you're ready to create a memorable pastry display for your customers with our bulk disposable bake cups, doilies, and napkins. Still have questions? Our friendly customer service team is here to help at1.888.959.3789!

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