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Brands We Carry

Brands we carry

Which Product is Right for You?

Here at, you can find a multitude of high quality, disposable tableware offerings in plenty of different colors, sizes, and materials. With all of these different options, it may become confusing when trying to pick the perfect solution to fit your needs. To make your decision easier, we have put together a quick guide highlighting each brand's characteristics, the types of products included, as well as the uses and events that the brand caters to. Regardless of your decision, we are confident you will be satisfied with your choice due to our commitment to providing quality products at an affordable rate.

Linen Substitutes


Impress guests and patrons with this premium strength alternative to real linen. Nobody will ever guess that this line is actually constructed of disposable tissue! Avoid rental, laundering, and replacement costs associated with cloth napkins and opt for the equally soft and even more absorbent Linen-Like collection. The rich and elegant appearance of not only the printed designs, but also the standard white options, are sure to please. Just like cloth, one of these disposable napkins should last your guests an entire meal.
  • Product Line: A full range of napkins are offered in various colors, designs, sizes, and folds including dinner, beverage, guest towels, and flat packs, which are unfolded, crease-free napkins ideal for fancy folds and presentations. Also offered are tablecovers, table rolls, table accents like runners, and CaterWrap, which is pre-rolled cutlery with a premium Linen-Like dinner napkin and a stylish printed paper band for an elegant presentation.
  • Optimal Use: The Linen-Like brand is ideal for restaurants, home hostesses, and brides to be looking to cut labor, laundering, rental, and initial cost involved with cloth napkins without sacrificing the appearance or feel.

Linen-Like Natural ' keeping the environmentally-conscious consumers in mind, the Linen-Like brand also has a collection of EPA-approved disposable tableware. Constructed of 50% recycled fibers with 40% post-consumer waste, the eco-friendly options include flat pack, dinner, and beverage napkins, guest towels, and CaterWrap.

Better than Linen (from Form & Function)

Though they may not look like it, the Better than Linen collection goes beyond basic! Offering the convenience that paper tableware provides, this collection wows with a design and construction that mimics the look and feel of real linen. A soft hand and absorbent tissue construction that feels more like cloth will have guests and patrons feeling pleased.
  • Product Line: Items in the Better than Linen line are produced in a crisp, clean white and include dinner, beverage, and buffet napkins, as well as a rectangular and octyround tablecover and pleated tableskirt.
  • Optimal Use: Because this is a smaller collection offered in a standard white color, these products are ideal for the food service industry like restaurants, event coordinators, and caterers. We even sell larger “Catering Packs" which include a higher quantity and a bulk discount built into the pricing.


No need to worry about what guests and patrons will think of your choice to ditch the cloth and go with disposable when choosing this premium disposable tableware. Using a unique process which combines air and embossing, the FashnPoint line has an incredibly soft and fluffy texture, uncharacteristic of any paper napkin around. The thick and absorbent products have a hand that is actually preferred by many patrons to actual linen. A selection of rich decorator colors along with the basics ensure you will find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Product Line: The FashnPoint napkin collection includes dinner napkins, Flat Packs, two-tone Flat Packs, CaterWrap with multiple cutlery options, and guest towels. Also offered on our site is a collection of accessories such as baskets and metal holders for displaying these premium guest towels.
  • Optimal Use: These products are ideal for weddings, event coordinators, banquet facilities, caterers, restaurants, and the guest towels are ideal for restrooms in medical offices, boutiques, hotels, and the above.


Create the ultimate upscale experience without the hassle or cost of real cloth tableware. The Duni collection boasts luxurious prints and designer colors for the ultimate display and dining experience. The exclusive napkin offerings have a thicker texture, great for elaborate and fancy folds for that finishing touch needed at your next event. Drape tables with the rich silky texture of Dunisilk tablecovers, tablerolls, and accents, which can be wiped clean for reuse, maximizing your investment.
  • Product Line: Dunilin napkins are offered in a dinner size with a Ό fold, keeping your display options wide open. Also included in the collection are tablecovers, banquet table rolls, table runners, and square accents constructed of unique water repellent Dunisilk.
  • Optimal Use: Lavish guests at weddings, formal events, and upscale restaurants with the rich look and feel of both the Duni napkins and table accents. Because of the reusable nature of the water repellent Dunisilk, the table covers and accessories are ideal for restaurants looking to stretch their dollar without sacrificing look, feel, or quality.

Plastic Serveware

Form & Function

The heavy duty items offered in this collection are the ideal combination of quality and appearance at an affordable cost to businesses and private consumers alike. The thick plastic construction allows for reuse and various sizes and shapes ensure your food displays will look polished and professional.
  • Product Line: Tableware options include plates in both banquet and dessert sizes in a unique octagonal or square shape. The 5 ounce wine glasses, 4 ounce champagne flutes, and 12 ounce tumblers round out the disposable drinkware options, which can be recycled or reused. Complete buffet tables with round and oval serving bowls, square and oval trays, and round or rectangular compartment trays.
  • Optimal Use: These products are a caterer's best friend! Classy color choices including, clear, black, and white are universal. Because they are reusable, cost per event is greatly reduced. The serving items are also great for private parties and hostesses who love to entertain, restaurants that offer a buffet, and event venues. The heavy duty plates and stemware are an upscale choice for weddings or formal events as well.


Bright colors and hard lines make this unique collection a trendy statement at any event. Add a fun flair with translucent colors like red, blue, lime green, or clear, and transform food into art. Once again you will find that the sturdy plastic construction allows for reuse of these items as a budget friendly alternative to expensive rentals or investing in breakable dishes, while offering a contemporary design for a fun twist.
  • Product Line: All of the Trendware products are offered in the four translucent colors and include squared-off items including a serving tray and bowl, banquet and appetizer plate, a medium and mini bowl, and unique rectangular tray. Accents like mini spoons and forks, swizzle sticks, and party pics will instantly polish the presentation at you event.
  • Optimal Use: Not only are these products great for large events like weddings, reunions, luncheons, or corporate events, but they are also great for the home hostess! The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching serving pieces and colors to create a truly unique effect. The Trendware collection is also great for those contemporary tasting parties or cocktail hours that offer finger foods.



These heavy duty vinyl-constructed covers offer the convenience of a simple wipe down clean up and the reusable capability that your budget is sure to appreciate! Deep corner pockets ensure a tight fit on tables while sewn-in elastic and adhesive strips keep the covers from blowing up in the wind. With these products you will enjoy quick set up times and end up with a finished presentation that is unbeatable with a regular plastic tablecover.
  • Product Line: Included in this line of covers are a 30" x 72" rectangular banquet table cover and a 30" x 96" rectangular cover as well as 60" and 72" round covers. Offered in white, royal blue, red, and patterns like red gingham and black and white check, you will find the perfect cover to achieve the desired look at your event.
  • Optimal Use: The table-hugging Kwik-Covers are ideal for outdoor events like picnics, reunions, concerts, fairs, fundraisers, and more. Restaurants and event venues with an outdoor eating area may also find these to be a convenient outdoor dining solution as well.


This collection is similar to the above; however, these Stayput covers are constructed of a medium-weight plastic with 1 -ply paper lining rather than a heavier vinyl. After the meal, they can be pulled off the table and disposed of, greatly cutting down on cleaning and labor costs.
  • Product Line: These table covers are offered in two different banquet table sizes including 29" x 72" and 30" x 96". A 60" round option is also available. Color choices are a bright red, royal blue, white, and black and classic patterns available are red and white gingham as well as black and white checkered.
  • Optimal Use: These covers are great for outdoor use if you are worried about the wind blowing covers off of tables. They're also ideal for fairs, festivals, trade shows, and more.


Rich colors and a light, soft feel make these covers a classy choice for dressing tables at your next event. The triple thick construction includes two top layers of paper finished with a fine texture, and 1 ply of poly lining to increase the strength and protect tables from spills and stains.
  • Product Line: The Cellutex covers are available in various sizes including 54" square, 72" and 82" round, a 54" x 108" rectangular banquet table size, and a 40" wide x 200’ table roll.
  • Optimal Use: Because these covers are paper, they are not recommended for outdoor use. They are however, a great option for luncheons, weddings, showers, event venues, party planners and caterers who are looking for a softer and more delicate finish to tables.

Eco Friendly

Earth Wise

We try to do our part in protecting and respecting the planet, which is why we have this large offering of environmentally conscious tableware. Constructed of 100% recycled paper product and at least 65-80% post-consumer material, the Earth Wise collection uses a chlorine-free bleaching process and the production is also energy and water efficient. These products meet the Green Seal Standard for Sanitary Paper Products, GS-1 for a more sustainable option. Of course, we haven’t sacrificed guest and patron satisfaction. These conscious offerings still have a soft and absorbent texture that is hard to find in many recycled tableware products.
  • Product Line: The napkin sizes included in this collection are dinner, beverage, and dispenser napkins as well as guest towels. The designs offered are a plain white and botanical leaf pattern, celebrating nature.
  • Optimal Use: Great for restaurants, fast casual dining, fairs, fundraisers, and eco-conscious businesses and private consumers
Earth Wise Tree Free ' As an extension of the Earth Wise collection, these offerings go above and beyond green solutions! All of the products in the Tree Free line are 100% wood pulp free and instead use bamboo and bagasse, which is a natural byproduct of sugar cane pulp and a sustainable alternative. This collection includes both white and natural colored napkins in multiple sizes, plates and bowls, square plates, compartment containers with clear lids, cutlery, and takeout clamshells.

Everyday Solutions

Touch of Color

By far our largest disposable tableware collection is the exclusive Touch of Color line. Superior construction and materials make this a great option for everyday use as well as special occasions and large celebrations. Each item in the line is offered in about 30 different hues for an incredible selection to fit your needs. This allows you to mix and match for a unique color scheme or accent themed dιcor for a professional finish. We offer superior color consistency so there is no need to worry about dye lots and you always know what to expect!
  • Product Line: Paper products include round and square plates in multiple sizes, napkins in various shapes, folds, and sizes, tablecovers, tableskirts, hot/cold cups, placemats and crepe streamers. We also offer plastic plates in different sizes, bowls, cutlery, tablecovers and skirts, and banquet table rolls.
  • Optimal Use: They are great for businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, retailers, caterers, event venues and party planners, weddings, fairs, fundraisers, and simple everyday use! There is no job too big or small for these items and convenient inner case packaging makes extras easy to store.

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

Abigail – Seattle, WA

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