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Takeout Containers & Disposable Products Buying Guide

Takeout Buying Guide
Consumers want the ease of fast-food, the culinary quality of sit-down restaurants, and the comfort of eating at home -- all making curbside to-go one of the fastest-growing areas of the restaurant industry. Expanding your restaurant to include takeout is one of the best business decisions you can make. Cater to your customers’ needs by letting them enjoy your delicious foods at home, and a whole new market will open up to you!

Here are some to-go features that will make you stand out:
  • Make your menu easy to find and read online. Keep it updated and mobile-friendly.
  • Post your menu to social media as it's updated. As your followers see your menu in their feeds, they will be reminded that takeout is a good idea for dinner!
  • Make ordering easy. Offer phone and online ordering. Have a secure way for customers to pay over the phone and online.
  • Don't make the customer get out of the car. Have a runner deliver meals to cars when customers arrive for pick-up.
  • Include everything the customer needs for the meal in the to-go bag. This includes takeout containers for foods, plates, napkins, cutlery, condiments, and even dinner mints.
  • Brand your to-go bags well. You could even consider using reusable shopping bags.
Logistically, your company will need products to facilitate your to-go business. To save money, look no further than's line of takeout supplies, including takeout containers, packaged utensils, plates, and napkins. Here are some of our favorite options:

Eco-Friendly Takeout Containers

Our EarthWise line of eco-friendly takeout containers is of the highest quality. The containers come in appealing sizes, shapes, and color, and they're made from a completely biodegradable material called bagasse. Your customers will appreciate this environmentally friendly choice, and the containers will keep you within the law where single-use Styrofoam  is banned. Here is a rundown on our various shapes and sizes of to-go containers:
  • Earth Wise Tree Free 38 oz Heavyweight Container with Separate Lid -- This large container contains no dividers, making it perfect for family-style portions of various entrees and sides.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Divided Heavyweight Catering Box with Separate Lid -- This catering box features divisions for a large entree and three sides, perfect for a single-person's meal.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Divided To Go Clamshell -- A generous entree and two sides fit in this divided clamshell container.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Large To Go Clamshell -- This large container is ideally sized for a large entree or a family-style portion.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Medium To Go Clamshell -- The medium clamshell container is perfect for a lunch salad or sandwich.
  • Earth Wise Tree Free Small To Go Clamshell  -- Our smallest clamshell is good for sides, salads, and desserts.
When it comes to leftovers, be sure to let your customers know our takeout containers can be refrigerated for up to 36 hours and microwaved.

Takeout Plates and Bowls

Once again, turn to our EarthWise line for bulk eco-friendly plates and bowls. We offer dessert and salad-sized plates, dinner plates, and banquet plates, and our heavyweight bowls hold 12 ounces. The plates are heavyweight, thick, and rigid enough to stand up to hearty meals. We even offer a plate that has an optional separate lid for a plated meal to-go. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they have to do zero dishes after dinner!

Takeout CaterWrap Napkin & Silverware Packs

Our bulk CaterWrap Napkin & Silverware Packs are a convenient product for you and your customers. Each slim package includes plastic cutlery and a paper napkin. Most packages contain a plastic fork, knife, and spoon, but there is also an eco-friendly option that only contains a plastic fork and knife. These packages save time and make your company look more professional and organized.

With all of these takeout supplies, your food will arrive safe and sound without leaking or spilling, and your customers will be left with a high opinion of your to-go service. Then, they will advertise for you by word of mouth. Prepare for a spike in business!

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