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How to choose the right traymat?

How to choose the right traymat?

Tips about choosing the right traymat
How To Pick The Right Traymat

Utilizing disposable traymats during food service shows customers and patients that their needs and satisfaction are valued. Here at, we understand the many reasons to use traymats:
  1. Traymats offer a clean and hygienic surface for patients' food
  2. Traymats elevate the dining experience in decorative and fun ways
  3. Paper tray liners are great for hiding scratches, flaws, and stains on trays and are more cost effective than replacing expensive trays
  4. Mats are disposable or recyclable for easy clean-up
  5. Our traymats are sold in easy-to-store bulk packaging
  6. Certain traymats are designed to keep plates, bowls, and cups from sliding, easing transportation of food

Which Traymat Is Best For Me?

Of course, this all depends on what type of business you run and what type of trays or tray systems you use. has multiple styles of traymats and designs to suit your needs. Let's take a look at what we offer:
  • Many trays used in food service measure 14 inches by 18 inches. As you scroll through the products on our website, each item contains basic information about a particular traymat so you can see at a glance what the exact measurements, material, case quantity and design elements of the paper mat will be. We offer an extensive collection of designs for this standard-sized tray. There are solid colors, floral patterns, embossed designs, border prints, and a mat for children containing nutrition information and activities. Many of the solid colored traymats are finished with scalloped edging.
  • Another common tray dimension is 15 inches by 20 inches. There are many designs, colors, and edging patterns available to fit this size tray. Some special patterns sold in this larger size include: Ribbons for Awareness, New Baby, Healthy Choices, Kidz be Kidz Artful Animals, Nutrition and a Children's My Plate design. These special mats are great for new mothers and children who need to spend time in a hospital setting. Also look for sets of traymats with fun scenes for holidays and seasons.
  • The nonskid traymats feature a special application or coating that gives mats the ability to grip trays and dinnerware, which helps prevent spills and accidents during assembly, transportation, and delivery of foods. There are numerous nonskid designs to fit the 15-by-20-inch trays, as well as designs to fit serving trays for wait service or catered events. The serving traymats are sold in oval and larger rectangular shapes and are perfect for dessert or appetizer trays, or for wait staff walking around a room and serving drinks or cocktails to guests. The nonskid surface works well with food trays being transported on carts, and they're perfect on moving vehicles like airplanes, trains or ships. Trays can be tilted slightly and tableware will not slide.
  • The Heat on Demand and Excel traymats are designed to complement the heated tray systems of the same names. Because the tray center contains a round surface or element using conduction or induction heating technology, the traymats have a cutout that will fit perfectly around the heated center. These traymats feature pleasing designs and seasonal patterns.

There are a variety of designs to fit your needs and to add distinction to patient or customer meal service. While some of our designs are soothing and calming to ease patients in times of stress, our seasonal designs and children's designs add fun and enjoyment to the setting. Informational traymats offer nutrition advice, while children's activity traymats offer fun and distraction. Elevate the dining experience wherever trays are used: hospitals, nursing homes, casual restaurants, cruise ships, cafeterias, hotel room service, and more. Presentation does impact the overall satisfaction of patients and patrons, so disposable, eye-catching traymats are a simple and cost effective way to help achieve this goal.

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