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How to Fold Parchment Pastry Bags

How to Fold Parchment Pastry Bags

Our Parchment Cake Decorating Triangles are perfect for decorating cakes and other pastries. With wholesale quantities and low prices, our parchment pastry bags are an economical and convenient choice for bakers who decorate many pastries a day. They're also an excellent choice for any home baker who wants to stock up on parchment pastry bags!

Not sure how to use a parchment cake decorating triangle? Check out the easy-to-follow photo and written instructions below!

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How to Fold a Parchment Pastry Bag:
  1. Begin with longest edge of the Parchment Cake Decorating Triangle facing you. Fold one point into the top corner and line up the corners.
  2. Take the second point, fold it over the bag, and line up all three points.
  3. Adjust the points so you get a tight point at the tip of the bag.
  4. Fold the three corners down into the bag and add icing to the bag, no more than halfway full.
  5. Press the icing down to the tip.
  6. Fold each corner on the opening down.
  7. Roll the top down until you reach the icing.
  8. Use scissors to cut the tip off the bag to get the opening size you desire. Smaller is better for fine writing on cakes.
  9. Start decorating!
Our Parchment Cake Decorating Triangles are a huge time-saver if you were previously cutting your own parchment pastry bags from sheets of parchment paper, or if you were hand washing cloth pastry bags. They're also a huge cost-saver if you've used plastic bags in the past. At, we're excited to provide our customers convenient and economical bakery solutions!

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