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How to Set a Table

How to Set a Table

how to set a table

Place Setting Ideas

Creating the perfect table setting for a special event calls for a particular arrangement of dishware, utensils, and glasses. Each place setting should contain everything the guest needs for the meal depending on the type of menu being served. The precise arrangement of tableware varies whether the menu is informal or formal.

Informal Place Settings
Informal table settings have fewer utensils, which are arranged in a manner according to their use. With an informal place setting, all of the serving dishes will be on the table with the napkin tucked into a water or wine glass. Here is the basic order from left to right:
  1. Fork
  2. Plate
  3. Knife
  4. Spoon
In addition, a bread and butter plate can be placed above the fork and any drinking glasses above the utensils to the right.

Formal Place Settings
A formal dinner is generally served from the kitchen. A service plate or charger will be positioned at each setting with the appetizer, salad, soup, and dinner plates being placed on top for each course. Formal place settings involve more utensils and additional glasses for champagne, wine, water, and possibly sherry. The order is similar to informal, but there are more pieces.
  1. Dinner fork on outside and salad fork closest to the charger
  2. Service plate or charger in center
  3. Dinner knife to the right of the charger followed by a salad knife
  4. Soup spoon placed beside the knives
  5. Glasses can number up to five and are placed with smaller sizes up front. Water goblet sits directly above the knives with champagne, wine, and sherry glasses to the right of the water
  6. Decoratively folded napkin placed on top of the charger
The knife blades should always face the plate and there should be no more than three utensils on either side of the charger. Dessert plates and utensils are brought out just before service of this course. Quality Tableware Offerings stocks a generous selection of table linens and dishware that will help any host set the perfect table, be it formal or informal. Products include disposable options that are casual, as well as more elegant offerings that are ideal for any type of occasion. Linen-like, eco-friendly, plastic, and paper products in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors will meet the needs of event planners and home hostesses alike.

Informal table settings might include our: The above offerings are all available in over 30 different color selections allowing for festive table settings at baby showers, birthday parties, and backyard barbecues.

More formal table setting choices include: All of the above selections provide an alternative to pricier linen and dishware rentals while still allowing for an elegant and stylish formal table setting. All of our upscale tableware offerings are ideal for wedding receptions, milestone birthday celebrations, and silver, ruby, and gold anniversary parties.

Decorative Table Accents

Floral arrangements, candles, centerpieces, and table runners will also help set the tone of your event table. Here are a few simple ideas that ensure a big impact on the setting:
  • Floral arrangements ' Flowers are one of the simplest ways to liven up any table setting. Arrangements can be as simple as wildflowers in a mason jar to more elegant options like roses or lilies in decorative vases. No matter what you choose, take advantage of seasonal selections and local offerings to help remain within budget. Local farmer's markets are generally a fantastic place to find outstanding floral arrangements.
  • Candles ' Add elegance and style to table settings at evening events with simple candle displays. Hurricane vases in a variety of sizes and shapes are available at craft stores and dollar stores and allow for simple-yet-eye-catching candle holders. Tealight, votive, pillar, tapered, floating, and gel candles can all be combined with different vases, flowers, pebbles, marbles, and greenery to create stunning candle centerpieces.
  • Centerpieces ' Flowers and candles are of course popular in many centerpieces, but inspiration can also be taken from so many other items. Wine bottles, ornaments, balloons, eggs, fruit, pumpkins, mason jars, terracotta pots, sand dollars, and so much more can spark stylish and unique centerpiece designs. A simple internet search of “easy centerpieces" will have you amazed at other people's creativity as well as realizing, “I can do that!"
  • Table runners ' Decorative table runners are a fantastic way to highlight flower arrangements, candles, centerpieces, and delicious foods atop stunning serving pieces. offers a variety of table runners in black, gold, silver, green, and burgundy. If these selections don’t quite meet your needs, look to plastic and paper tablecovers. Simply fold a rectangular tablecover in thirds, length-wise, and you have an instant tablerunner available in just about any color you can imagine.
Whether a special event calls for formal or informal table settings, the gathering of family and friends in celebration of a momentous event is the true purpose!

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