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Cutlery Ideas

Cutlery Ideas

Black rolled cutlery with damask napkin rings

Professional Plastic Cutlery Presentation

Disposable cutlery has earned a bad rap due to poor quality and less-than-spectacular presentations. Have patrons abandoning the notion that plastic utensils are a cheap substitute for the real thing by using some of these ideas to give guests a set of our high quality wholesale disposable plastic cutlery. Whether you own a business or specialize in party and event planning, these unique suggestions are just the right accent to round out a polished partyscape.


Not only does wrapping a set of cutlery up create a clean presentation, but it's a convenient way to keep utensils clean. A cutlery bundle is easy for guests to grab at buffet tables and even easier for wait staff to set tables at restaurants and catered events. Here are just a few ideas for wrapped cutlery sets:

Step by step napkin rolling
  • Napkin Wrap ' Probably the most popular way to wrap cutlery would be in a tissue napkin using our Napkin Roll Fold. For the fastest option, check out our collection of paper napkin bands, offered in a variety of colors and designs. You can also get more creative with coordinating ribbon, patterned washi tape, and even twine or smaller braided rope. For formal events with seating charts, simply print your own napkin bands with each guests name and secure closed with a small piece of invisible tape before displaying at each seat. Don't have time to roll our own napkin bundles? Check out our bulk CaterWrap napkin sets.
  • Paper Doily Wraps ' Another new trend taking over is a rustic or vintage feel. Add the perfect accent to your event by wrapping a set of plastic cutlery in one of our many offerings of paper doilies and securing with a piece of tape, napkin band, or twine for an even more rustic appearance. You could also use the same custom placecard bands as above and just secure over the doily or use a doily over a napkin. The options are endless.
Tip: Add small trinkets or tags to wrapped cutlery bundles for a personal touch and to help tie in to your events theme.


A less popular form of disposable utensil presentation is to put them out naked. This means there is no napkin included with the set of cutlery. This is a great option for buffets, individual tables, and better at casual events. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Fun Containers ' The options are truly endless here. Sort utensils by style and display in cups, cans, cases, baskets, bowls, jars, pails, or specified utensil caddies. This is a great way to incorporate containers that will tie into the event's theme at food tables and buffets.
  • Condiment Tray ' Ideal for restaurants or large events where condiments may be needed for the menu being served, you can create large trays that include the typical condiments and a stack of napkins with one of the above ways to display an offering of cutlery at each table. This is reminiscent of the “family style"
  • Bundles ' These are just like napkin wraps, minus the napkin! There is nothing wrong with tying a three piece set of plastic cutlery together with ribbon or twine for a simple and easy solution.
Tip: Decorate the outside of the containers used to display plastic cutlery at your event for a finished look.


If you don’t want to spend time wrapping cutlery but want to include the set in your tableware displays, try one of these quick and easy solutions:
  • Quickset Napkins ' This nifty offering is available on with our dinner napkins in a variety of colors and designs. Each napkin is specially pre-folded to create a convenient pouch to stick the cutlery in which can be displayed to the side of the plates in your table settings or in the center.
  • Cutlery Pouches ' Available with our CaterWrap Napkin Sets, our cutlery pouches are the perfect size to hold a napkin, fork, knife, and spoon in a convenient paper pouch.
  • Fabric Pouch ' Create fabric pouches just big enough for cutlery in fabrics like organza, burlap, or canvas. Set each pouch out flat or you can pull the drawstrings for a more dimensional look.
Tip: Something as simple as a strip of patterned tape or bow is just enough to take any of these options from basic and boring to fun and exciting. Take the extra little bit of time to do this and we are sure you will leave an impression on patrons.

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

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