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Paper Plate Flower Craft

Paper Plate Flower Craft

These super-simple paper plate crafts are perfect for Spring and easy enough for all ages to enjoy! This pretty flower design features a photo and written step-by-step instructions so you can easily create it. Help younger children by pre-cutting the pieces. For older kids, let them trace a template and cut, or even free-hand it. Whether you're making Spring crafts, or simply looking for some fun and inexpensive entertainment, these simple projects fits the bill.

How To: Flower Paper Plate Craft

Enjoy an everlasting, handmade flower with this fun and simple flower paper plate craft. All you need is some paper plates, basic crafting supplies, and a little creativity! This paper plate flower is elegant enough that it could be party or home decor. Simply create several flowers in complementary colors and create a grouping of them on a wall!

Flower Paper Plate Craft

Materials Needed:


  • 1. Cut V-shapes from the rim of the white paper plate to look like petals.
  • 2. With the first pink paper plate, cut inside the rim to create two pieces: the rim and a circle from the center. Set aside the rim to use later. Cut a wavy line around the circle from the center.
  • 3. With the second pink paper plate, cut a smaller circle with a wavy line around the outside.
  • 4. With the third pink paper plate, cut a circle. Cut around the circle toward the center to create strips. Use the pencil to curl the strips under.
  • 5. With the yellow paper plate, cut a small circle and a medium-sized circle. Cut a wavy edge around the medium-sized circle.
  • 6. Assemble your flower by first placing down the pink paper plate rim.
  • 7. Place and glue the white paper plate on top of the pink rim.
  • 8. Place and glue the largest wavy pink circle on top of the white paper plate.
  • 9. Place and glue the wavy yellow circle on next.
  • 10. Place and glue the smaller wavy pink circle on next.
  • 11. Place and glue the pink curled piece next.
  • 12. Place and glue the small yellow circle in the middle of the pink curled piece.
  • 13. Fluff up the curls to create your desired look.

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