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Paper Plate Pizza Craft

Paper Plate Pizza Craft

This super-simple paper plate pizza craft is fun and easy enough for all ages to enjoy! With just a few paper plates and other basic crafting supplies, you can create a pizza with all of the fixins! The design features a photo and written step-by-step instructions so you can easily create this fun craft. Help younger children by pre-cutting the pieces. For older kids, let them trace a template and cut, or even free-hand it. If you're looking for some fun and inexpensive entertainment, this simple projects fits the bill.

How To: Pizza Paper Plate Craft

Making pizza has never been so fun! This activity is perfect for children because it lets them use their creativity, picking and creating toppings and building their own pizzas. Glue the pizza topping pieces on for a permanent craft, or leave them loose so kids can build their own pizzas again and again. You could even play pizzeria with this pizza paper plate craft!

Pizza Paper Plate Craft

Materials Needed:


  • 1. Cut the rim off the red paper plate so it's a large circle that fits inside the dark yellow paper plate. This is the sauce.
  • 2. Cut circles from the orange paper plate for the pepperoni.
  • 3. Cut strips from the green paper plate for green peppers.
  • 4. Cut small pieces from the white paper plate for onions.
  • 5. Cut strips from the light yellow paper plate for cheese.
  • 6. Cut small circles from the black paper plate for black olives.
  • 7. Cut mushrooms from the gray paper plate.
  • 8. Build your pizza by placing the sauce on first, and then the toppings.
  • 9. Glue the topping pieces on if you want. Or, leave them loose so you can build your pizza again and again.

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