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Wholesale Plastic Cutlery Buying Guide

Cutlery Buying Guide
For restaurants, cafeterias, catering operations, and food service, metal cutlery is a hassle to clean and has a tendency to get lost. For one-time events, like banquets, weddings, and parties, metal cutlery can be costly to rent or buy. That's why disposable plastic cutlery is often the ideal choice for any restaurant, event, or celebration that serves a large number of people. We offer a generous selection of plastic silverware, each unique with its own perks and qualities.
  • Assorted Plastic Cutlery ' Available in over 31 color options, you are sure to find just the shade of utensils needed to liven up any table setting or accent a festive buffet display. Not only do they look great and stand up to full-course meals, our 100% compostable CPLA cutlery is available in assorted packages as well as bulk quantities of individual forks, knives, and spoons.

  • Metallic Cutlery ' For a disposable but elegant alternative to real silverware, our metallic cutlery will certainly fit the bill. The durable utensils look realistic enough that you can’t tell the difference on the table. The silver-like options are perfect for weddings, upscale parties, holiday celebrations, restaurants, and more. As an added bonus, the bulk assorted metallic cutlery package arrives in a decorative box that is nice enough to set directly on the buffet table.

  • Eco-friendly Cutlery ' An earth friendly choice for catered events, food trucks, and walk-up/casual dining, our Pre-Rolled Earth Wise White Dinner Napkin with Compostable Fork & Knife is a 100% recyclable product. The sturdy white plastic fork and knife are certified as compostable in municipal and composting facilities. Our Natural™ Linen-Like Caterwrap Napkins are another eco-friendly choice. The Linen-Like napkin is made from recycled fibers and postconsumer waste and is wrapped around compostable cutlery all in a natural tone.

  • Mini Plastic Cutlery - Set a trend in your entertaining business when you complement appetizer, dessert tables, and more with the perfectly petite-sized cutlery for your mini treats and tasting samples! Available in assorted colors, as well as glitzy selections like silver, gold and metallic, mini forks and spoons are the ideal choice for small bite entertaining or trade show counters where sample tasting is encouraged. Find our mini cutlery with our plastic forks, plastic knives, and plastic spoons.

  • CaterWrap Napkin Sets ' Talk about convenience! Our CaterWrap line includes rolled napkins containing heavyweight cutlery and secured with a decorative napkin band. Perfect for caterers, food trucks, take-out restaurants, and large events, each bundle includes a fork, knife, and spoon and is offered in a variety of colors and styles including eco-friendly options. The ease of use can’t be beat with these high-quality selections.

Disposable flatware is essential to so many types of establishments. Customers need to be provided with every convenience possible while still being offered a quality product. Heavy weight and medium weight plastic selections can work perfectly for your business depending on the needs. Heavy weight plastic utensils feel denser giving your customers a greater sense of durability and value. These offerings are also better for heartier meals such as meats and pastas. A lighter density medium weight is a more cost effective choice but is best used with lighter fare like salads and desserts. When determining which flatware is best for your business, keep in mind the experience you are trying to convey to the customer as well as the menu being offered.

Heavy Weight Plastic Flatware
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Does not bend or break easily
  • Ideal for heavier foods
  • Provides a more quality feel
Medium Weight Plastic Flatware
  • Durable and sturdy
  • More economical than heavy weight
  • Ideal for lighter service
The simplest party accessories can add extra pizzazz to any celebration. Premium-quality disposable cutlery coordinates with so many themes, events, and occasions there is no need for your standard utensils. Make every aspect of an event flawless with the perfect coordinating touches!

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

Abigail – Seattle, WA

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