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Table skirts for banquet tables like this white example shown here.

Plastic Table Skirts & More

Add Elegance To Your Tables with Plastic and Linen-Like Tableskirts

Tableskirts are a simple way to pull together the look of your event or restaurant. We have a variety of tableskirts available, including paper and plastic ones that measure 14’ x 29" or 21.5’ x 29". Our plastic tableskirts come in 31 colors (plus clear), so we’re positive you’ll find one to complement your space. We also offer more upscale options, including a poly-nylon tableskirt that is available in black and white and measures 14’ x 29", as well as a Linen-Like tableskirt that is available in white and measures 14’ x 29".

Pull it All Together with Wholesale Paper Tableskirts!

Tableskirts create that final layer of professional appeal on any table they wrap around. Because the skirt wraps around the table, it is an inexpensive way to provide complete coverage for a finished look without breaking the budget. An uninteresting table can take on a whole new appearance at any event with simple plastic tableskirts. Selections in our bulk tableskirt collection include;
  • Budget friendly plastic tableskirts for one time use available in 31 beautiful colors
  • Poly-nylon wholesale tableskirts in black or white
  • Linen-Like bulk tableskirts made with premium airlaid material that is soft to the touch and looks like real cloth.
Whichever type of premium or plastic tableskirt is the right choice for an application, be sure to color match it with a coordinating tablecover in the same shade to achieve that ultra-professional decorating touch!

Fine dining restaurants and wedding caterers will find wholesale tableskirts that look like cloth are a great way to provide a polished appearance to food service areas, bridal party tables, dining tables and more. Professionals in the trade show business will find that the less expensive plastic tableskirts are a necessity for keeping extra supplies within reach but hidden from view. Retail store owners of all kinds can use any variety of material of bulk tableskirt to give their place of business a tidy, professional appearance and also provide ample concealed storage space underneath. Party planners will find that wrapping event tables in any one of the 31 colors will give a festive touch to any setting including dining, gift, and dessert tables as well as hosted bar areas, banquet spreads and more.

Need Help Determining How Many Bulk Paper Tableskirts are Needed for the Job?

Determining the number of wholesale tableskirts necessary for any event is a simple mathematical equation!

To figure out a rectangular shaped table's perimeter simply multiply 2 times the length then add it to 2 times the width, or P= (2 x L) + (2 x W). For example, an 8 foot banquet table would be calculated like this:
    Perimeter = (2 x 8 feet) + (2 x 2.5 feet)
    P = 16 feet + 5 feet
    P = 21 feet
    A standard 8 foot long banquet table would need 21 feet of premium or plastic tableskirts to cover all sides. Many tableskirts are intended to cover 3 sides of a rectangular table as they are often placed against a wall or aren't intended for guests to walk behind.
To determine a round banquet table’s perimeter or circumference simply multiply 3.14 times the circle’s diameter (distance across the surface of the table, in this case). For example, a 6 foot round banquet table would calculate as:
    Circumference = 3.14 times the tabletop diameter
    C = 3.14 x 6 feet
    C= 18.84 feet
    A 6 foot round table would need 18.84 feet of bulk tableskirts to wrap around the entire edge.
All of the premium plastic tableskirts we carry measure 14 inches in length and 29 inches in height. The 29 inches is a standard for most tabletops. Easy adhesive strips, around the pleated edges, make installation of the bulk tableskirts quick and easy. We suggest overlapping extra material to get full coverage around. Keep in mind all of the wholesale tableskirts can easily be trimmed with a pair of scissors if necessary to eliminate extra bulkiness.

Benefits of Ordering Wholesale Tableskirts from!

We offer a top notch selection of bulk tableskirts to choose from in over 31 colors in medium weight materials for all occasions from casual to formal. With our competitive wholesale prices, business owners, caterers, party planners and restaurateurs will have more room in their budget for the most important details such as the event menu or retail items that will be showcased on top of their finished, professional looking tables. Fast shipping and superior customer service from the team will get any of our bulk tableskirts to you quickly and with the utmost care in handling! We take pride in serving you!
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