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Tablecloth Size Guide

Tablecloth Size Guide

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Deciding what size tablecovers are needed for a particular event can be a daunting task. carries a variety of disposable tablecover options to suit the needs of event planners, caterers, and home hostesses alike. Choose from rectangular, square, and round selections in a variety of colors and styles. Paper, plastic, Linen-Like, and Better than Linen offerings will allow you to find the size, color, and type of table covering you’re looking for.

For most events, standard table heights and widths are generally around 30 inches. Round tables can range in size from 30 to 72 inches in diameter, while square tables can range from 24 to 60 inches. Rectangular tables measure 30 inches wide with lengths varying from 48 to 96 inches. The size of your tables will be determined by the type of event, size of venue, and what their function will be. Are they being used for a corporate meeting, delicious buffet, or perhaps a more formal sit down dinner? The different types of tables offered at most facilities will generally seat from 4 to 12 people depending on the shape, size, and how closely placed you want the table settings to be.

Tablecover Sizing Guide

Table Type Table Size Seats Tablecover Size
5ft Round 60" 6 to 8 82" up to 120" Round
6ft Round 72" 8 to 10 82" up to 132" Round
6ft Banquet 30" x 72"
6 to 8 Minimum of 54" x 96"
Maximum of 90" x 132"
8ft Banquet 30" x 96" 8 to 10 Minimum of 54" x 108"
Maximum of 90" x 156"
Square 38" 4 54" x 54"
Square 54" 6 72" x 72"
Square 64" 6 to 8 82" x 82"

Tablecovers should generally include a drop edge overhang for a more polished appearance. For more formal settings, the cloth should drape 8 to 12 inches on all sides. The drop can be lengthened to 30 inches for a more dramatic effect that may even include a bit of a puddle effect at the floor. A basic rule of thumb is to measure the length and width of your table (diameter for round) and add twice the desired drop to each figure. If a table skirt is being used there will be no need to worry over drop length. For rectangular tables, you will, however, need to pay attention to the measurements as some table skirts are only intended to cover 3 sides of a banquet-size table with the assumption that it will be used up against a wall.

Odd shaped and sized tables can often be a challenge if you are working with what is already available at a venue. If necessary, skip the tablecover altogether and opt for alternative ways to accent the table settings. offers a generous variety of decorative and colorful table runners, table accents, and placemats. Each can be used as an accent to a chosen tablecover, but also work well on their own. Runners, accents, and placemats will help to lend a polished appearance to tables that just need a little something to complement the feel of the event. If the challenge of tablecover size still has you frustrated, opt for a 100 foot banquet table roll that can be cut into just the length you desire.

Still have questions about sizing disposable tablecovers? Give our friendly customer service a team a call at 1.888.959.3789.

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

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