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What are Corrugated Cake Circles?

What are Corrugated Cake Circles?

Information about corrugated cake circles

In the world of restaurants, pastry shops, catering establishments, and bakeries, corrugated baking products are an essential in kitchens. At, our supply of  Wholesale Serving & Baking Liners includes both a White Top 10 Inch Corrugated Circle, as well as a White Top 12 Inch Corrugated Circle. Both of the food safe, cardboard-style bases provide structural support to assist in decorating, finishing, moving, and exhibiting delicate pastries. They're perfect for use in resale windows, packaging, or display at special events like weddings and large-scale functions that feature professional confections!

How did corrugated baking products evolve?

The idea behind all corrugated products, including  food-safe corrugated baking products, began over 150 years ago when a US patent named Albert Jones began manufacturing paper material designed with grooves. The original inspiration was intended to be used as a safe method for packaging glass bottles. As corrugated paper evolved, it improved into a multi-layered construction that fused two parallel pieces of paper on the top and bottom of the original grooved paper to form a durable, bonded multi-ply paper that we know today as cardboard. The corrugated construction forms an impact-resistant material that is strong and often used to ship goods safely.

Why use corrugated baking products?

Corrugated baking products provide stable support for any cake or dessert. Each cake circle is strong enough to hold heavy baked goods or unstable delicacies that need to be treated with caution. Not only do they provide much-needed stability under baked goods, the strong corrugated baking products have many attributes that are essential for any bakery artisan business. The durable cake discs save time and labor costs for anyone in the baking industry and provide their customers with added peace of mind that their anticipated confections will arrive safely to their final destinations. The corrugated baking circles are an inexpensive way to decorate, transport, and display fine confections, and they can easily be hidden behind frosting or other decorative elements so they go unnoticed to provide a seamless presentation at any special event.

Can the corrugated baking circles be used in the oven?

Corrugated baking products are made from paper and are not ovenproof. The cake circles are intended to be used as a base for baked goods after they come out of the oven and cool. If you are looking for an oven-safe liner for cakes and confections, check out our selection of oven-safe parchment papers and dry wax liners to insert into baking pans. After the baking is complete, the chef can then transfer the cake or confection onto the corrugated baking circle to assist them in icing and final preparations.

How will corrugated baking products help a bakery business?

Corrugated baking products will help bakery artisans and pastry chefs in many ways! Check out all the ways your kitchen can benefit from the sturdy cardboard cake discs:
  • Frost and decorate cakes before plating so the final presentation dish stays clean and tidy.
  • Easily move delicate pastries and cakes from decorating wheels to beautiful stands and serving plates for presentation.
  • The white top bases can easily be hidden behind icing and other decorative elements like floral accents for final presentation.
  • Corrugated discs help maintain cake forms and add stability in the crafting of tiered confections such as wedding cakes.
  • Saves space in display windows because disposable bases don’t take up extra room.
  • The disposable cake discs are environmentally friendly and food safe.
  • Save time, labor, and everyday costs in sales of bakery products.
  • Disposable bases can quickly move products from display window to take-home box with ease.
The use of corrugated baking products will ultimately produce happy customers because confections can be transported safely without worry of getting the delicate goods to the customer's final destination. Bakeries, pastry shops, delis, catering companies and the like will love the value and convenience that disposable Corrugated Baking Products bring to all their creative confections. Let assist you in enhancing your business of baking by lining all your delicious cakes and pastries with our selection of white top corrugated cake circles!

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