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What is Glassine?

What is Glassine?

Tips about glassine uses

If you're purchasing for a restaurant, bakery, or cafeteria, you've probably heard the names of various food papers that are handy in a kitchen if you understand each one's unique applications and uses.Glassine is one of these food papers, and many people often wonder what exactly glassine is and what it can be used for. Are you trying to decide if glassine can be helpful in your kitchen? Read on for answers to your questions!

What is glassine?

Glassine is a thin, flat, and smooth paper that is resistant to water, air, and grease. It's made through a manufacturing process called supercalendering, which involves running paper web through hot rollers to make the fibers lay flat and in the same direction. The paper is put through this process several times, which gives glassine a very smooth quality.

What can glassine be used for?

Because of its grease-resistant properties, glassine makes a great paper for displaying baked goods and foods in display cases. Grease won't seep and spread across a sheet of glassine, which keeps food displays looking fresh longer. At, we offer glassine doilies for decorative display, as well as glassine sheet cake liners in several sizes.

Besides displaying foods, glassine sheets are also handy for preventing hand-to-food contact and using as a barrier between strips of food.

Can glassine be used in the oven?

Glassine is not made for use in the oven. It's not heat resistant and it can easily burn when exposed to high temperatures. If you're looking for a food paper to use in the oven, check out our selection of parchment paper and dry wax paper.

At, we have your bakery and food service needs covered! Still have questions about our glassine products? Give our friendly customer service team a call!

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