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What is Kosher Certified?

What is Kosher Certified?

info about kosher certified products
While browsing our selection of bakery paper products, you will notice that some products are described as "Kosher Certified." Most know this relates to the Jewish religion, but are unsure what it means for a paper product to be Kosher Certified. Read on for answers to all your questions and to learn why using Kosher Certified in your kitchen is a benefit to your customers!

What does kosher mean?

Most commonly, kosher refers to a food that is accepted by Jewish law as fit for eating or drinking. In the case of our bakery products, kosher means they are fit for touching, cooking, serving, and coming in contact with food. A common misconception is that something is kosher after being "blessed" by rabbis, but in reality, kosher foods and items are held to rigorous manufacturing and processing standards. For our products, Kosher Certification involves inspection of components, close examination of the manufacturing process, and thorough inspection of processing facilities. Kosher Certification is a stamp of quality and purity.

Why buy Kosher Certified?

You may be surprised to learn that only eight percent of kosher consumers are observant Jews. The vast majority of people who purchase kosher goods do so for health and safety reasons because they know they are receiving a product that is of the highest quality. When you purchase kosher bakery paper products, you can rest assured that you are serving your customers on items of the best quality.

How do I know if a product meets kosher standards?

When shopping, you can find out if a product is kosher by reading the product descriptions. Each kosher product will say it's "Kosher Certified" in the description.

Our kosher products include bake cups, doilies, sheet cake liners, hot dog trays, cake circles, decorating triangles, and more. You can see all of our kosher items here.Our kosher-packaged products are labeled with a symbol to certify its components and processing meet Jewish dietary laws.'s products are certified by the Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin.

Whether you're an observant Jew -- or simply want the purest and best quality for your customers -- has all our kosher bakery paper products covered!

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