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How to use Table Skirts

How to use Table Skirts

How To Use Tableskirts

Dressing up Event Spaces with Table Skirts

Table skirts have long been used to help dress up tables at just about every event imaginable. They are useful for adding extra texture, color, and interest to a room, and they also cover the unsightly mechanics and legs of basic tables in an elegant setting, Whether they are plastic or linen-like, the uses for table skirts really haven’t changed much over the years, but by using technology and a creative thought process, you can change a simple decoration into a gorgeous and festive addition to a party.

All of our wholesale table skirts come with an adhesive strip backing, which will allow you to attach them to any flat surface. This sticky strip can be affixed to the edge of the head table or guest tables, bar counters, DJ booths, or even the wall! For extra hold on table tops, decorative table skirt clips can be used. All of our table skirts have a 29-inch drop, which allows for perfect draping on most banquet and guest tables. We have two sizes available in paper and plastic that measure 14 feet and 21.5 feet in length. We also have a poly-nylon option in black and white, as well as a soft, Linen-Like table skirt in white. These three options are only available in 14 foot lengths with a 29 inch drop.

Not only can our table skirts be used for weddings and bridal events, but they are useful for restaurant use, conventions, and business exhibits as well. The gentle pleating on each skirt will not only add a more completed look to your space, but it can also hide unsightly items like wires, extra supplies, and legs!

Before ordering table skirts, it's helpful to have tables arranged as they will be for the event to get a correct count for purchasing. Here are a few tips on how to accurately calculate the amount of table skirts needed:
  • If the table is against the wall, but in a corner, you will only need to measure the front and the exposed side.
  • If the table is against a wall, but both sides are exposed, you will need to measure the front and both ends. This also applies to tables that are situated on an angle in a corner.
  • If the table is against the wall with identically sized tables next to it in a line, you will only need to measure the front edge.
  • If using for a round table, you will need to measure the complete circumference of the table. This also applies to using a rectangular or square table that is not against a wall, such as a wedding cake table, or a welcoming table displaying brochures or place settings.
Creative Ways to Embellish Table Skirts
  1. Use a light-colored skirt like our White Plastic Tableskirt with warm-white fairy lights underneath to create a subtle glow. In addition, you can drape a length of cloth in a scallop pattern along the front and sides in a color that matches your event.
  2. Once your tableskirt is in place, edge your buffet and dessert tables in fairy lights wrapped with tulle in a coordinating color. Use table skirt clips, self-adhesive tape, or fishing line to hold them in place.
  3. Drape colorful garland over a dark-colored table skirt, like our Black Poly-Nylon Tableskirt.
  4. Once the color of the table skirt has been decided, pin or glue flowers in a cascading design on it to create a unique look for the head table.
  5. Use thumb tacks to layer two colors, like Lavender and Ivory, on an open wall and pin photos or memorabilia to them. It makes for an interesting conversation piece!
  6. For gift or cake tables, use a bright table skirt like our Hot Magenta Plastic Tableskirt topped with gathered white tulle.
  7. Feeling super creative? Layer multiple colors together like Pastel Blue, Periwinkle, and Navy tableskirts to create an ombre effect.
Remember, focal points can be created out of anything, even that empty space between the top of the table and the floor. With gorgeous tableskirts, and some creativity, you can turn a regular table into a work of art with just a few simple steps.

Wonderful tablecovers! Not a cheap plastic look or feel, these look so nice and elegant. ... read more

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